Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring love is in the air!

I thought that it was time to post some more Sofia pictures. This little kiddo is changing so much every day.. it is crazy!! She likes to throw lots of tantrums now, especially when she can't go outside to play or when we won't let her play with keys outside to try to unlock all of the mailboxes and everyones' cars. It isn't all negative,though,because she keeps doing funnier and cuter things every day too. She is starting to copy a lot more words, and she is one silly girl. Sorry Becerras, she may not look a lot like me, but she is all me in personality :).
I also need some ideas from the ladies out there. Chris and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this friday, and I need some cheap and creative ideas of things that I could do! I can't believe that it has already been 5 years. I think I'll keep this guy.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


So lately I've been thinking a lot about the whole stay at home vs. working mom controversy, and I wanted to throw this concept out to see what everyone thinks. At first I started writing this blog, and it started to become ridiculously long as I tried to explain every little thought I had so that I wouldn't offend anyone. The idea of this post isn't to offend people whose views are different than mine, because I actually really would like to hear other people's views on this matter.
So what am I, a working mom or stay at home mom? I am not exactly sure. I think that I would consider myself to be a mainly stay at home mom who works very part time. I actually have to admit that I like working a little bit. It feels good to make a tiny bit of extra money every month that doesn't have to go towards bills, and I feel like I get to personally grow and develop from the jobs I am doing (as a person and a mom). I also feel refreshed when I pick Sofia up after leaving her for 4 hours, although I have to admit that in the 10-15 hours a week that I work right now, I am at the point where I feel balanced but I don't want to add a lot more to my schedule.
For me, I guess a main thing that I am working on right now is balance. If I do not feel balanced mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally, I am not a happy camper, and when I am not a happy camper, I am not as nice of a wife, mother, friend, sister.. etc as I would like to be.
I have to admit that everyonce in a while a get stressed when I think about careers, when I see some of my friends who are well established in what they are doing. I also realize that I am at a totally different point in my life where family and babies are my main focus. My kids will only be little once.. and I really only have one chance to spend time with my kids when they are in those critical years. I also am still young, and I have many many working years ahead of me.

So should women have to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan? I guess my personal answer at this moment in my life is that I would like to bring home enough bacon to treat myself to a haircut everyonce in awhile without feeling guilty or to have fun in Honduras this summer, and as for frying it up in a pan.. only if I am having a good day where I don't feel nautious. I would really like to hear from other people on this matter. For those of you who are staying home or for those who work either part or full time, how do you try to keep balance in your lives? I realize that for many women, there is a great financial need to work, but I also know as a person who piddles too much money, that babies don't necessarily have to cost a ton. Also, my other question is.. can women really have it "all", or does something have to give? Any feedback or comments would be welcome. I am not opening this up so that people can judge each other, because every circumstance is different (and women can be so hard on each other as it is), but just to see what people think.

Embarrasing Moment

Embarrasing moments??? I have had plenty of those in my life, but the funny thing is, that lots of times I don't even get that embarrased, because I am so used to doing dorky things. Last night Chris and I stayed the night in Bend. After we checked into the hotel, I went to the bathroom and hurried to get a very tired Sofia to bed. After she fell asleep, I told Chris that I needed to go down to the lobby to get some tea for my sore throat. I walked down to the lobby and tiredly smiled and said hello to the receptionist and elderly couple that she was helping. I mozied on over to the tea taking my sweet little time picking out a flavor. When I got back into the elevator, I realized that something didn't feel right about the skirt that I was wearing. I fidgeted around and realized that I had tucked the back of my skirt into my underwear!! Many of you may be thinking right now, "Doesn't that only happen on movies or on that one farside card." I thought so too, but I never cease to amaze myself. I hope that this email might help another person who may overlook a simple thing.... so to everyone wearing skirts or dresses, take a second look before entering the world after going to the bathroom the next time.