Thursday, March 29, 2007

No longer a baby folks

So Sofia is definitely not a baby anymore... here are the pictures to prove it. Chris took Sofia to the nearby playground to play today.. her favorite thing to do.

Not the average girl from the Video

Hello friends and family,
So I realize that I am a slacker for not writing a new post in a long time. Chris informed me that my blog is getting boring... so I promise that from now on, I will at least be doing a new post every week. So this post will be dedicated to India Arie. My sister Heather and I went to Portland on tuesday night and left the chillins with their papas to go to an India Arie concert. Before going to this concert, I was pretty sure that the Dixie Chicks were my main homegirls.. but they have some serious competition now. I love the dixe chicks, and they have great music and good lyrics.. but India Arie has lyrics that are a little deeper and that really make me want to be true to who I am. For those of you who don't know her... you should get onto itunes and download.. "Video," "There's Hope," and "This too shall pass" to get a taste of her music.. but she has so many good songs.

I swear that India is one of the only singers who actually sounds better in concert than on her cds. She is an inspiring musician, and we loved the concert.. but I was also very amused people watching all of the people that were standing around us. Behind us was the male couple that informed Heather and I that we have good energy.. which is always good to hear I suppose. Then we had this strange strung up on some kind of drug threesome in front of us who we literally thought one of them was blind for the first half of the concert as she kept leaning back.. rolling her eyes back, and bumping into Heather. After that threesome left, they were replaced by a stoned woman who was smoking pot and puffing smoke into our faces. We were inside the crystal ballroom.. so everyone around was not amused with already being smooshed together, hot, and now with smoke being blown into our faces. I kindly informed the lady that I am pregnant and did not enjoy inhaling her smoke, and she was nice and stopped. On the right of Heather was a lady wearing a little belly shirt who was standing by herself doing sign language to the songs. The more I keep writing.. the more I keep thinking of funny people around us.. so I better stop with my stories before this gets too long. Anways.. everyone should listen to India Arie.. she definitely makes you want to do some soul searching. Alright friends and family.. I am signing up but stay tuned... because my next blog will be a very controversial topic.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hello everyone. So we got back late sunday night from Anita's wedding. It was a great wedding and Anita and Mark both seem really happy. It is also so good to have lots of family together that we usually don't get to see very often. I am blessed with great in-laws. It's hard for me to join the trash talking in law stories.... because I get along with them good. Here are some pictures of the big event!!