Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello!! It has been too long since I posted, but my crazy summer has officially begun. I just got home from Klamath Falls while Chris was here putting Bamboo hardwood floors downstairs. He isn't done yet, but what he has done so far looks really good. Sofia loved loved loved spending time with her grandparents. As long as either Chris' parents or my parents are around, she doesn't really want a lot to do with me... which is kind of sad, but not really, because I have time to take a break and relax while someone else chases after her. We also got to be in Klamath when a new niece was born.. Macie Lyn!!! This is Scott's third kid, and they are going to have their hands full, but she is such a sweet baby. I was watching Jaime interacting with Macie, and it made me realize that I have already forgotten what it is like to have a newborn...sore nipples..lot's and lot's of snuggling :). Only 3 1/2 more months to go!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This picture is of an adorable baby that we would see when we would go and visit an Orphanage when we were living in Honduras. Chris and I loved the chances we had to visit that place. Everyonce in awhile I get sick to my stomach when I remember the conditions that those little kiddos live in. It is definitetly something that helps bring perspective to my own life and how blessed I am. Nothing to complain about here (please remind me of that the next time you hear me complain). So, I am hoping that we will be able to go back with Sofia to visit this same Orphanage in July. I am trying to think of ideas of light things that I could take down for the kids, and I was thinking maybe books in spanish. Does anyone else have an idea of something that would be easy to take? If anyone would like to donate a book in Spanish for me to take with a picture of you and your family or a card or something... that would be really cool. Give me ideas!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To snip or not to snip.. that is the question

Sofia was so cute today. We had a 10 minute dance party tonight where she whole heartedly boogied to Raffi's "Shake my sillies out" (which she wanted to dance to 3 times. She also seemed to especially respond well to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie." Hopefullly Sofia will develop some better moves than Chris and I. I at one point thought that I danced okay.. but it seems like the more I go without dancing, the more my moves start to resemble my parents and in-laws that I used to laugh at (No offense inteded whatsoever.. even though my father in law did really hurt his butt trying to do the splits at Anita's wedding).

So on to my new topic of interest...Now that we found out that we are having a boy, Chris and I realized that we have to start thinking about something that we never thought about before... circumcision. I didn't have a strong opinion on the matter either way.. and apparently Chris didn't really either, which surprised me, so our logical solution was that we probably won't do it since neither of us feels passionate about the topic. Circumcision is like any other controversial parenting topic..breastfeeding, cosleeping, natural childbirth etc.. Lot's of people do have strong opinions on the matter. I honestly have to say that I really do not have any experience to draw from that would give me a strong opion at this point in my life. From talking to several moms and family members about circumcision.. there seems to be a few common patterns in how couples make the decision to circumcise.

Type 1 couple is the couple who wants dad and son to match eachother. I think their reasoning is that it may be hard on a kid if he looks different than the main man in his life?

Type 2 couple which I hear about a lot.. is the couple who leaves the decision to the male who may have a stronger opinion on the matter than the woman.

Type 3 couple are families who follow Jewish tradition in circumcision. (I don't think that most people who circumcise do it for religous reasons however today).

Type 4 is the couple who is worried about hygiene... although many times circumcision is considered a cosmetic procedure as I don't think that this theory really stands any more. What have other people heard?

Type 5 is perhaps the most intersting couple, and I am surprised how much I hear the words "locker room" come up when talking about circumcision. Many parents have this extreme fear for the well-being of their son when 15 years down the road, he will be scrutinized and toremented in the locker room for not being circumcised. Does this really happen? Is that really what guys do in locker rooms? I imagine if there is any truth do this idea.. the trauma will certainly decrease as more people are choosing not to circumcise.

In the flip side for the parents who decide not to circumcise, I hear of parents who are concerned about pain, find little validity to the above reasons why many choose to circumcise, or for cultural reasons decide not to (many cultures don't circumcise).

So what couple are you?? I think that I was going to be the person who leaned more towards not doing it but ultimately left it up to Chris (who as I mentioned earlier had no strong opinion wich made the process simple. I never knew before being a parent how many different sides there are to every parenting decision or concept.