Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre-Christmas Bliss

A couple of weeks ago, we went downtown to take the kids for a ride on the Christmas Trolley. Here are a few pics, and I am working on Christmas pics too!
While we were out and about, who should we run into, but our little adorable friend, Will Rosling.

Gabe was all about Santa, but it took a lot of convincing to get Sofia to sit on his lap. I guess it is kind of strange that we don't force our kids to sit on stranger's laps, but then all of a sudden, we are convincing them to sit on some old dude's lap with a red cheap santa suit on :).

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Normal Life in a big family

In case any of you have small families, you may wonder what it is like when lots of little cousins get together. It is chaos and craziness but so much fun.

My little piece of heaven

So I know that many people have asked for us to post some pictures of our house, and we haven't.... but I did find this picture that shows part of our lovely yard. Isn't it lovely? Can't you just imagine.... a huge garden, composting, chickens..... I just get giddy thinking about this summer. I am figuring out the composting right now, and I would be happy to accept help from any master gardeners or chicken experts as I really have no knowledge or skill to back up my enthusiasm. Oh, and I really need someone to help me learn to prune fruit trees/grape vines. Come hang out in my yard with me this summer. (P.S. I am really trying to get my act together to post about Christmas... I promise).