Friday, July 27, 2007

Moral Dilemna

The other day I had an interesting experience. Sofia and I were going into Winco and all of a sudden I turned to hear a guy, maybe in his late twenties, yeling at and verbally attacking his girlfriend. The woman was with an older man who looked old enough to be her dad... but obviously I have no idea who he was. The older man was trying to encourage the woman to get into the car, but she stood there as the guy continued to scream at her. I stood there watching by the entrance wondering what to do. It was my first instinct to want to walk over to see how I could help, but then I looked at Sofia and my pregnant bump and decided that I didn't know if an almost 7 month pregnant woman with a toddler (who I want to keep safe) would be the best person to get in the middle of the fight, so I decided that I would keep a safe distance and watch until the lady left safely. A minute later, two managers from the store came out to intervene, and they were able to escort the woman to her car.

After I walked into the store, I kind of had a moral dilemna in my head wondering if I did the right thing. I felt like I failed the lady outside. I felt like I was in one of those situations when 20/20 sets up a fake fight to see if people will help or if they will just keep on walking. I always thought that of course I would be the person to step in, but my mama protective instincts kicked in more than my good citizen instincts. What would other people have done in this situation??

I also wanted to write really quick that I am in need of a midwife. My doctor is going to be out of town on my due date, and I really feel more comfortable switching to a midwife (who will deliver in the hospital), than to a random doctor. Please let me know if you know of a good midwife in the area, because I really need to find one soon!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow Honduras

Hello Everyone (that meaning the 5 people who check my blog :)!!! We are back from Honduras and doing well. The reason that I included the word wow in the title of this post, is because that was officially Sofia's new word in Honduras. From the take off of the airplane to spotting turtles in a pond, Sofia said "wow" to every new thing she saw. Many have told me that I am crazy to make a trip like this with a toddler and over 6 months pregant... and you are all right, but I am so happy that we did. Although there were a few stressful parts of the trip, we essentially spent our vacation at the family property swimming all day long, eating, napping, and laughing with family. Neither Chris or I had a watch, so we usually didn't even know what time it was. No news, no internet, no t.v..... it was so nice!!! I am not even sure how everyone there was related.. but if someone is much older than you.. just call them tio or tia.. and if they are closer to your age... primo or prima works well. It was so fun to see how Sofia really chsrmed and connected to the older family members. Everyone down there said that she is pure Becerra, and they loved how she ate up all of the Honduran food, because in that culture food=love. Although I had a great time, once again I come home grateful for all that we have here... drinkable water, warm showers, cars..... Life is good... but with that said, I must also mention that I think that I am ready to stay home for awhile!! More posts to come soon friends!!

Monday, July 2, 2007


My crazy summer has officially begun. I was in Klamath Falls for 5 days while Chris put in Bamboo floors downstairs. They look so good!!! Good job homeboy. I just got home a few minutes ago from another crazy weekend with family. My sister Kris got married last Friday on the Mckenzie River. We all stayed at a beautiful home at the site of the wedding. Every single person in my family was there including all of the in-laws and nieces and nephews, so it was really fun. Inlcuding the Edgar's kids and Olsen kids, there were 5 other kids at the wedding within 2 months of Sofia. Imagine 6 toddlers who think that everything belongs to them, and you can imagine how they all played together, but it was also really cute. After the wedding it was on to camping at the coast with the gang. I am pooped.. but I am trying to act like I'm not, because the next few weeks are also going to be crazy. As chaotic as my whole family is together.. I love it. I can't wait for Sofia to grow up with her cousins.