Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello!! It has been too long since I posted, but my crazy summer has officially begun. I just got home from Klamath Falls while Chris was here putting Bamboo hardwood floors downstairs. He isn't done yet, but what he has done so far looks really good. Sofia loved loved loved spending time with her grandparents. As long as either Chris' parents or my parents are around, she doesn't really want a lot to do with me... which is kind of sad, but not really, because I have time to take a break and relax while someone else chases after her. We also got to be in Klamath when a new niece was born.. Macie Lyn!!! This is Scott's third kid, and they are going to have their hands full, but she is such a sweet baby. I was watching Jaime interacting with Macie, and it made me realize that I have already forgotten what it is like to have a newborn...sore nipples..lot's and lot's of snuggling :). Only 3 1/2 more months to go!!

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Amanda said...

Oh Kara---

I dread the sore nipples for you! I hope it doesn't take long before they go away! I shoudl also ask any moms out there how they cope when their child decides they are too busy to eat?? I've come across this problem this week and it's driving me nutso! Chance will have some full, good meals during the day and at night, but it seems like every other meal he is more interested in the sounds around him and doesn't want to eat! ARGH! Well, we're all glad you're back to blogging. I need to read through all of them and get some inspiration on how to be more entertaining! P.S...what are your feeling on the Michael Moore documentary Sicko?? I really want to see it. Well, lots of love...