Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hippie Chick

I have become really bad at blogging. Like, really really bad. Life is busy and something has to give, but I am back and better than ever my friends. So, last weekend I ran the hippie chick half Marathon with Wendy and Tonya. It was so so fun, and three days later, I can finally walk again :). I see more half marathons in my future, but unfortunately,I am not thinking that I will every try a marathon (sorry Tonya). My homegirl Marianne came to be my cheerleader since Chris was shooting a wedding all day, and I have to say that she made a great one. Hopefully I will still stay motivated to stay in shape now that this is over, but I do have Hood to Coast in August to look forward to.


Jaime said...

Kara, you inspire me!! WOW, Hey how is the house buisness going?

Carrie said...

Congratulations Kara! Wow, you're awesome! You're very inspiring - setting goals at the beginning of the year and then achieving them! I'm running a half marathon on Memorial Day (my second half) and am hoping I do as well as you! Good luck training for your next race!

Amanda Nemelka said...

What an accomplishment! You're awesome!

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Way to go!! P.S. I totally hear you on slacking in the blogging arena. I almost wonder if my blogging days are over?! That would be sad, but I don't know how the heck to keep up with it!

Katie and Bryson said...

You go girl! I'm running Ogden this weekend and I'm so happy to see you out there still running too. We need to get together someday for a race! I am still the same pace, though, is that OK?
Also, I am sporadic in my blogging. I still am a friend even when I don't leave a comment for a year...

Margaret said...

Way to go Miss Kara. You look great.

Marianne said...

Wow who is that hot Redhead? Hook me up!

Kara said...

I need to call you!
If you ever want a trip up to Oregon.. come run the Hippie chick, it was so beautiful and fun!
Don't totally throw in the towel for blogging... we can just be lame bloggers together :).
I am an exact 10 minute mile girl. You are faster than me... so the question is if you would want to run with me. I can't wait to hear how Ogden was!!
Thanks Margaret,
When are you coming to Salem by the way??
That red head is you, and I am pretty sure she is taken :).

Tonya said...

You rock, Kara!!! I am proud of all of us for working on a goal and accomplishing it. Thanks for the motivation!!!

EmmaJ said...

Great job!
You rock!