Saturday, May 23, 2009


Warning:Semi cheesy post ahead.

A few weeks ago, I was able to go with a couple of gals from church to listen to Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea) speak at U of O. It was such a great night, and hearing Greg talk about all of the work being done to help educate the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan was inspiring. One example that he gave that really touched me as a mom was when he was talking about how for $800, they were able to help a young woman become a nurses assistant (which translated to being her villages doctor), and after receiving her training, the village went from 9 women dying within a couple of years during child birth to 0 after she received her education. The night was great as a whole, and we went to Sushi afterward.. (which I officially have to say that I just don't really like :).

Now fast forward a couple of days. After hearing the lecture, I kept pondering what my role is in educating the world and other humanitarian work. I kept thinking about how fortunate I am and how I am not doing enough to help other people and how when much is given, much is expected. My mind kept rattling and I couldn't stop thinking about what I can do today to make a difference. To be quite honest, I was feeling a little down feeling like I am falling short of my potential.
That night after my kids went to sleep, I tip toed into their room to quietly watch them sleep for a minute, and all of a sudden as I stared at their sweet sleeping faces (aren't they just the sweetest when they are asleep?? :) I heard a voice that said: "You are doing enough right now." All of a sudden I had a moment of peace, as I realized that doing my best to nurture these sweet spirits and to help them grow as human beings is an amazing job. I have so many goals in life (going back for my masters.. traveling more, making a difference in the world and my community), and although I can do small things in my "spare time" to work on my dreams.. I am realizing that I can someday accomplish all of my dreams, but it may not all be in my timing, because the Lord knows best for me. I am excited for all that my future holds, but I don't want to get so caught up in thinking about what I'm not doing or what I want to do, that I don't take the time to savor the great point in life I am at right now. Life is exhausting but oh so sweet with our little family right now. Okay, cheesy post is officially over :).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hippie Chick

I have become really bad at blogging. Like, really really bad. Life is busy and something has to give, but I am back and better than ever my friends. So, last weekend I ran the hippie chick half Marathon with Wendy and Tonya. It was so so fun, and three days later, I can finally walk again :). I see more half marathons in my future, but unfortunately,I am not thinking that I will every try a marathon (sorry Tonya). My homegirl Marianne came to be my cheerleader since Chris was shooting a wedding all day, and I have to say that she made a great one. Hopefully I will still stay motivated to stay in shape now that this is over, but I do have Hood to Coast in August to look forward to.