Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are you a heavy sleeper?

I am. I swear that I could sleep through an earthquake. I obviously eventually wake up if my kids are crying in the night, but ask Chris, it is hard to wake me up. Last night I suddenly felt a little "Gabe" sleeping next to me. I woke up (kind of) suddenly and wondered why he was next to me and how he got there since he sleeps in a crib. I waited for a little while snuggling and then decided to take "him" back to his crib. I laid him down, went to the bathroom, and then came back to check on the kiddos before I went back to bed. I looked at Sofia's bed and freaked out when she wasn't there. Chris was still up downstairs, so I yelled for him in only the way I can when I am half way asleep still. He ran up, and I told him that Sofia was missing. He laughed when he looked in the crib and saw Sofia and Gabe sleep there soundly. What the heck... why did I think that Sofia was Gabe?? I know that most of you are probably thinking this is kind of a lame story, and it kind of is if you weren't there. I am just freaked out that I am so out of it when awoken that I didn't even know the difference between my kids. Scary. Any other heavy sleepers out there?

Southern Oregon

This last week, we took the kiddos down to Klamath Falls to visit the Becerras and then over to Central Point to see my padres. We had fun swimming, going to the temple, the discovery play place, running with my padre, eating, and then eating some more. Why do I always gain 3-4 pounds every time I come back from a trip? It is time to hit the pavement :). Here are a few pictures of the kiddos from our trip... more to come soon.

More Good Children's Music

"Catch the Moon" is a great CD for families. Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell sing all of the songs, and maybe I am a weird parent who likes good kid's music, but even I sincerely enjoy listening to this CD. There are even a couple of songs in Spanish that are really sweet. If you are in need of good music for car rides this summer, this would be a great pick!