Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food Journal

So as normal, I gained my nice 5 pounds over the holidays. Nothing new here folks... it always happens. The problem is, I have gained a couple of more pounds in the last week on top of the Christmas weight, and I have no idea how. I haven't been eating too bad, and in fact, I had a stomach bug for a couple of days where I hardly ate anything at all. If any of you remember the "before" picture that I posted last year, I am sad to say that I look the same if not a few pounds heavier (although I did get in much better shape than I was in the picture).
I still feel fine about how I look overall, but since I have a tendency to eat like a lumberjack in the first place, I think that now would be a good time to get my eating under control. I have tried to keep food journals in the past, and when I was consistent.. it really helped...but the consistency thing was hard for me. So my dear friends... I ask for your help. I will be posting what I eat (I mean everything) on my blog for the next few days to help me get in the habit of keeping a food journal. I realize that you could all care less about what I eat, but it will be a good way to hold me accountable and think about what I eat since I have to write it down. I think that once I get in the habit of writing things down, I will be good to go, so help a lady out will you? If anyone wants to participate with me... we could all help each other out, and maybe it would be good to hear about healthy meals/snacks that other people eat on a daily basis.


Katrina said...

Ha! No WAY am I going to admit what I eat! (But I wish you luck!)

The Growing Hennans said...

I think it is a grand plan and a way to really make your plan work for you. If you haven't already, you should check out They have a journal tool there that tells your fat/cal etc and can graph it for you for free. This is my plan because I need to get under control as well. I just feel it - I don't need to see the pictures! :o) My hollow baby tummy is filling in fast!

juliette said...
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juliette said...

Oh, I'm sure it's muscle weight.