Saturday, April 7, 2007

Embarrasing Moment

Embarrasing moments??? I have had plenty of those in my life, but the funny thing is, that lots of times I don't even get that embarrased, because I am so used to doing dorky things. Last night Chris and I stayed the night in Bend. After we checked into the hotel, I went to the bathroom and hurried to get a very tired Sofia to bed. After she fell asleep, I told Chris that I needed to go down to the lobby to get some tea for my sore throat. I walked down to the lobby and tiredly smiled and said hello to the receptionist and elderly couple that she was helping. I mozied on over to the tea taking my sweet little time picking out a flavor. When I got back into the elevator, I realized that something didn't feel right about the skirt that I was wearing. I fidgeted around and realized that I had tucked the back of my skirt into my underwear!! Many of you may be thinking right now, "Doesn't that only happen on movies or on that one farside card." I thought so too, but I never cease to amaze myself. I hope that this email might help another person who may overlook a simple thing.... so to everyone wearing skirts or dresses, take a second look before entering the world after going to the bathroom the next time.

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