Thursday, August 9, 2007

Becerra Visit

Chris' family was here visiting us up until this morning, and we had a lovely lovely time with them. Sofia loooooves having family here visiting. I think it is a little depressing for her when they all leave, and she is stuck with us again. While family was here, we had fun going to the ocean and Hatfield Marine Science Center, going on hikes and walks, and Chris' mom taught me how to can peaches last night, so I am feeling very domestic. I am blessed with amazing in-laws. I really could not have a better scenario in that department.

By-the-way, if anyone remembers me during my last trimester of Sofia's pregnancy, you may remember me being a little more emotional than normal and some have even gone as far as to say "crazy." I am happy to report that I am doing much better this time around. I have already started nesting, which means I may be using my new skill of canning quite a bit, and I did break down crying once because we didn't have any new diapers for the baby yet, but other than that, I'm as pleasant as Mary Poppins. I can't believe that I have less than 2 months now. This pregnancy has gone by so much faster than the first... too fast. I don't feel ready yet, but I am very excited to meet this little boy who keeps me awake every night with his kicking and dance sessions he must be having inside of me.


The Bains said...

sofia is beautiful! wow she looks super grown up:-) how fun to spend time with the relatives! what's your due date?

i'm leaving for vacation until the 19th but when i get back i'd love to get together with you to go over "birth stuff" if you still want!

Tonya said...

Cute pics! Glad to hear that you are feeling like Mary Poppins! :)