Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Good the Bad and the Ugly!!

Hello friends. I am sorry that I have gone so long without posting. I am good at posting when life is mellow.... not so good when life is crazy. In the last couple of weeks, these are some of the main events that have been going on in our lives:
1. My parents came up and helped us paint our ugly cabinets white (thanks again mom and dad)!!! Yeah.. they look so much better. Since then Chris has been on fire doing projects. In the last week, he has put hardwood into the kitchen, put up a new deck, and painted almost all of the doors white (with help from Kris and Dan). Now that we have started all of these projects.. the next step is to finish them... which is hard with Chris being so busy and me chasing a toddler around almost 8 months pregnant trying to figure out how I can help.
2. Sofia and I went to Klamath while Chris was working and spent time with the grandparents and lots of her cousins.
3. We just got back today from spending my birthday at the coast with Heather,her mother-in-law, and Kris.
4. I have been spending time with the funny Sofia who is now trying to sing a lot of different songs. She also spontaneously took her diaper off today and went poop in the toilet, and I captured the moment in the picture shown here(picture I will bust out before her first date). I am not going to push the situation at all at this point, because I am scared I will jinx the situation... but it was very exciting in the moment.
5. Now for the harder toddler times we have been dealing with. Within the last 2 weeks, Sofia has begun to throw some mighty fierce tantrums.. with tonight being the worst one yet. What happened to my sweet baby? She now screams this horror movie scream and freaks out until you think her face will turn blue. Part of this new drama has occured with the change of putting her in her own bed, which was a necessary change with her amazing hurdling and climbing skills. I am feeling a little stressed that a little over a month before the new baby is coming.. Sofia went from sleeping like an angel to waking up often and now resisting naps like the plague. Any advice from anyone who has made this transition recently?

That is our life right now in a nutshell. We are doing well.. happy... and oh so tired.


Cami said...

Hang in there. She should get used to her new bed and hopefully be better. Toddlers are trying to figure out what they can and can't do. Good luck with the possibility of potty training.

Anita said...

Congratulations on Sofia's first poop in the toilet!!! I can't really give you advice with Sofia since I am not a mommy yet, but I am sure its just a phase. Gook luck!! P.S. I love Sofia's new bed, I am sure she will grow to appreciate her own bed one day...

Tonya said...

Wow! You are such an amazing woman, Kara! I'm impressed with all that you do! I can't believe that Sofia just got up on the pot like that and I love that you captured the moment for future blackmail. You know you're going to need that when she becomes a teenager!!!

Mr. or Mrs. Nemelka said...

LOVE THE POTTY PICTURE! I am not looking forward to the tantrum phase of child-rearing. UGH. Take comfort in knowing all parents go through that. Chance will I'm sure. I love Sofia's bed too. Can you believe how fast they grow? I wish I could see you preggers. You look darling in that picture. Let's video IM SOON!!! loves.

mroregon said...

I finally did it. I checked out your blog and I started my own. It is definitely under construction, but at least I got it started. Feel free to visit when you get the chance. The address is:

I love your blog by the way!


E said...

Hey hot stuff - I think the minivan makes you even cuter. We're back online and missing you tons. Keep the posts coming!