Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Kiddos

So since Sunday is my church/family/reflection day for the week, I have been thinking about goals that I want to set for myslef for the new year. It is amazing how having kids makes me constantly think about ways that I want to progress as a person. I obviously wanted to progress as a person before I had kids, but I was also happy slacking off and not being focused many times as well. I still am often a slacker and not focused.. but the difference now is that I notice more. When I think about the kind of people I hope my kids will grow up to be, I can't help but wonder if how I live my life is a good example for them. I want to be a good example of a well rounded woman, emotioanlly, physically, mentally, and especially spiritually. I am definitely learning more and more that kids come with their certain temperements and traits which obviously means that nature has a big part in how kids are, but hopefully the influnece that I do have will be good enough to help guide them into being great human beings. It is amazing how at such a young age, I can imagine how Sofia will be as a teenager. That girl isn't going to take any crap from anyone :). Although I realized as I got older that my parents were not perfect people or parents, I have to give them alot of credit for the good kids they raised. It makes me want to be a little easier on my parents when I imagine my own kids judging my job as a parent someday :). Okay.. enough sentimentalism for one day I say. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season!


The Macdonald family said...

Those pictures of your kiddo are so cute! I need Chris to take some for us.

Elisa said...

Beautiful Pictures! My goodness. We miss you guys. I will let you know that we have a little girl on the way. We just found out. Oh by the are so wise. love, elisa

Cami said...

Wonderful pictures! I totally agree with everything you said. I think you are a great mom!!