Thursday, December 13, 2007


These are my random thoughts for the day:
*Why don't I fit into any of my clothes anymore? Even though I look at a closet full of clothes, hardly any of them fit me right. Either my clothes are way to small for me after having two kids, or they are my way too big for me transition clothes that don't fit me anymore. I told Chris that I would seriously get rid of half of my wardrobe if I could just buy a few outfits that fit me just right. So for those of you who are smaller than me or bigger than me.. come and get clothes from me :). Even though I am only a good 10-12 pounds away from where I would like to be weight wise.. it's amazing how having two kids really shifts your body.. and nothing fits right.
*I miss reading books. I look at a shelf of books I want to read, but since Gabe wants to be held so much.. I am not getting a lot of reading done (or anything else). Family, listen up.. Christmas break I want help with kids so I can read a book :).
*Poor Gabe has been so congested the last couple of nights, and he is miserable.
*Christmas is coming so soon.. I am so excited!!!
*I hate to admit it, but I really like some kids music. I remember driving with Jaime and laughing at her singing along to the Backyardagins, but I really have to admit that there is really some tolerable kids music out there(as well as music that drives me nuts). I love the curious george soundtrack, Raffi (he is a classic), and I always look on itunes and find musicians who have written or redone kid's songs. Barenaked ladies, Bob Dylan,Sarah Mclachlan, the Dixie Chicks...they've all done kids music. I also just checked out two cute cds from the library that have more modern funky arrangements: "Songs for Wiggleworms," and "Sing with a Child."
*I am seriously contemplating coercing some of my friends here into taking a belly dancing class next term just to add some spice to my life :). (For those of you who live here, you can run but you can't hide... I will be recruiting you).
*I have the recipe for the best sugar cookies. They are more spicy and lemony and then your average recipe, and that is why I like them. I also put cream cheese frosting on top (I just used the recipe from I will not lie and say these are good for you, but they are yummy!
4 &1/2 cups flour
1/4 teas salt
1/4 teas cream of tartar
1 1/2 teas cinna.
1/2 all spice (optional for any spice)
1/4 teas cloves
1/4 teas ginger

Mix separate
2 1/2 stick of butter
1 cup sugar
6 ounces cream cheese
1-2 tablespoons lemon zest peel
5 tablespoons of juice of the lemon

Mix Dry with buttery cream cheese delight
refrigerate at least a couple hours

bake 350* 8-10 minutes
You may be wondering if there could be a more random post, but it is so nice to have my own blog, because I can do whatever I want :)!
p.s. I promise that I will be posting pictures of the kids soon, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my camera lately :).


adrienne said...

I love your randomness! That is one reason I "agreed" to this blog thing, because I could be random like yours! I enjoy it.

Heather said...

I miss books, too. As much as I hate business trips, that is one positive thing I can do ... READ ON PLANES! HA! Not possible with a squirming 1 year old on your lap. Anyway, I just keep remembering, PHASES! It's amazing how much different each month is from the last. You'll get to read your books soon.. I hope. (Let me know if you read something good)

Margaret said...

Oh Kara, I understand the clothes thing. I was trying to explain it to Austin. I can put my clothes on, but they just don't fit me the same.
I'm going to try these sugar cookies you speak of.

And I would take belly dancing with you if I lived by you. Good luck with that.

Amanda said..., I remember being in church sitting next to a family while Jeff was up speaking...and the family's little boy pointed to Jeff and said, "Jesus". I thought it was so funny and that this boy was ingenious...but I'm guessing it's a common thing. I wish you were here or I were there so I could take the baby off your hands for a bit and you could get some reading in...I started The Kite Runner like a month ago and I'm only 40 pages into it b/c finding time to read is a joke! love you lots....

Cami said...

I love this post. I feel like I'm right there talking to you. About the clothes, I feel your pain. Soon enough you'll find things fitting a little better. Kids music, I also sing along with and find myself singing it around the house without any prompting.We will be trying the sugar cookies!

The Macdonald family said...

I feel your pain with the clothes not fitting. I didn't have this problem after having Brynlie, but after Kelson all my stuff fits me so wierd! I hate it! But I guess if I get new clothes out of it, it can't be that bad!