Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Sofia has been saying the funniest things.. in fact, I feel like almost everything that comes out of her mouth is funny (to me at least). I love this age. Here are some of my favorites that I wanted to document:
*Every day when she prays, the main part of her prayer is: "I love my Teacher." We have been taking a creative development class together, and she loves it!
*She loves to announce when she is sharing: "Look mom, I sharing." As she is stealing a toy from another kid, she also announces: "Look mom, he sharing."
*She saw a picture somewhere the other day of President Bush and said: "Mom, is that Barak Obama?" What the heck? Maybe she has revelation of who our next president will be :).
*As a mom, I really make an effort to validate Sofia's feelings. Even when she is frustrated and won't get her way, I at least usually try to validate what it is she wants, and then tell her why she can't have it (mind you.. this is Kara parenting at its' best). The other day we were in the van driving and Gabe was crying in the carseat crying as usual, when all of a sudden in the same tone of voice that I use, Sofia began saying: "Oh Bubba, I know you are so so mad. You are so so mad. You want out of carseat." I thought that this was such a sweet moment.


Heather said...

Those pictures of Sofia are great! I love listening to the little ones talk - it's so fun to try to figure out their logic.

Cami said...

It is so fun when they echo the nice things. So cute!

Dani said...

Those are some classic lines. How funny. Do they make her dress in my size?! That is so cute!