Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We've gotta learn to reduce, reuse, recycle!!

Happy Earth Day everybody. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how wasteful I am. I have new goals of some ways that I am going to take care of mother earth a little better. Here are a few ideas:
1)I bought a stainless steel water bottle so I can only use plastic water bottles in a bind or emergency.
2)I am going to buy some cloth grocery bags so I stop wasting a million plastic bags.
3) I am going to do better about not driving when I don't need to.

What are more ideas that you all have? If you haven't all gone and watched "The Story of Stuff," this would be a great to do it.


Margaret said...

I take the cloth bags shopping first I felt odd, but now I don't even think about it.

I look at products I buy more carefully; try and get green cleaning supplies or clean with vinegar, buy recycled stuff, items with little or no packaging and use energy efficient light bulbs, etc. Probably I don't do anything that most people aren't already doing.

Right now Austin and I are focusing more on what we eat. Buying local and trying to cut as much processed food out...if I don't know the ingredients, I don't want to eat it. That kind-of thing.

I'm curious to see what people do. It's a lifestyle change to be "green" and it takes time to adjust so any good little ideas that I can start now I'm always excited about.

Kara's Blog said...

Ahhh my ever loving and loyal Margaret. Thanks for being my only comment :). In the summer through late fall we eat all of our produce locally. It is so so nice. I have heard that buying locally is even more important than buying organic.
I am also really into food labels. That is why I like making as much as I can from scratch.. because even if my muffins still have butter and fat.. at least they don't have tons of weird chemicals in them.

Shahnaz said...

Hey Kara,
Did you watch Oprah's Going Green show a few months ago? It was so good because they gave tons of suggestions of relatively small things that people can do to start saving the Earth. One was as simple as using even one less paper napkin per day. I've been so much more conscientious about paper napkin/paper towel use since then.
I think the things that I do are probably what most people do. I use CFL light bulbs, recycle as much as possible, try to turn off lights that aren't necessary, use "green" cleaning products (including laundry and dishwasher detergents) etc.
I also use cloth diapers, and we have a compost in our yard where we put all non-meat food scraps.
My new goal is to remember to take my cloth shopping bags into the grocery store with me.
And, of course, buy local. Maybe we'll run into you at the farmers marke this morning...

tystrishy said...

Hey Kara! It's Tricia (Bowlby) Lamb. Through a little blog surfing, or stalking, as they call it, I found your blog. Just thought I'd say hey. You and Chris have a beautiful family! Hope all is well! Check out my blog when you get a chance. Have a great day!