Friday, October 17, 2008

Hi, my name's Kara, and I am an internetholic.

Blogging is great. It is a way for me to stay connected to family friends. It is a way for me to document the happenings of my family, and it is a time thief. I spend way way way to much time on the internet looking at blogs and facebook. It is nice to get a break, but I am feeling like I need to wean myself a little bit. My kids will appreciate it. My mind will appreciate it. My spirit will appreciate it. I am not saying I am quitting. I am just admitting that I have a problem, and that's the first step, right?


Amanda Nemelka said...

it's better than being a tv-a-holic like I am. My power went out the other day for like an hour and I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I actually had to sit down and color with my child....instead of letting Caillou be the babysitter. Am I horrible or what? I will blame it on the pregnancy and relieve myself of the guilt I feel for my lack of involved parenting sometimes. BTW tonight is Chance's first night w/o a binky. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anita said...

I am guilty of this as well. Every night right before I got to bed I check everyones blogs and than before I know it Mark has already been asleep for an hour...
I feel bad every time I do it! But I keep doing it....Mark and I also do this with CNN every night. I am trying to discipline myself to healthier activities like trying to find cheap ways to redecorate my house...but I am not very good at doing things cheap as we all know:-)

The Bains said...

I have a problem too. The bummer is, blogging is my connection to the outside world..and my family LOVES to see updates.

I've decided to only blog when I have time. Which is few and far between. Hence...only one blog posting last week :-)

So far I'm feeling good about it!

Pack Perhe said...

How many times have I wished you were my neighbor? Your honestly is hilarious. You know you're not alone, right? I was supposed to be asleep an hour ago so that I could start the week off well, particulary because Isaiah has been practicing some wacky sleep habits since Halloween spookiness began rolling around... way too many nightmares, which translates into one tired mama... then I decided to post and check out my friends' news... and here I am. Anyway, thanks for sharing your insights, views, and comedy. Greetings to all your family. love, Elisa

Katie and Bryson said...

Oh, but I love your blog! I will miss your regular discussion starters :) But I have a hunch you will still keep more regular tabs on things than my sporadic posts.

Kara said...

Give yourself a tv limit. Then you will have more time to talk to me :)
Isn't it annoying when you look up and see how late you are up. Last night I stayed up late and looked up at the clock and thought "Gabe has already been asleep for 4 hours.. are you stupid for not sleeping?"
Your blog is always entertaining, so I appreciate you taking the time to blog.
Being your neighbor... oh that would be heaven. Should we sell our house to move to slc, or will you sell yours to move to us?
Don't worry, as you can see, I am not a quitter yet. I still have many controversial topics in my head, but i think people may need a break from them.

Robyn said...

So when's our first meeting?