Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When life throws apples at you.. make applesauce?

We went and picked a ton of golden delicious apples today at the house of a family from church. We will be eating a lot of apples. Apple crisp, apple bread... hmm.. any ideas of recipes that don't involve butter or brown sugar? I want to make applesauce... but not sure of when I would have time to do that. Any volunteers to help me?


Tonya said...

You went wild with the blogging, friend! Wow! You know I'm up for some applesauce making!!! Can't wait to be the recipient of all your fab cooking!

I also cannot believe how grown up Gabe looks. What a sweet little boy. He will be giving Will a run for his money in no time!

E said...

I wish I were there - I've been craving homemade apple cider. Need a recipe for apple pie filling? Actually - talk to Roxi, she knows a million uses for apples. loves

Matfam said...

YOu don't really know me, but I have been to some of the weddings that your husband has done and so I come here and check things out quite frequently.

Anyway, here is a quick way to make applesauce. Fill a crockpot full of cut up apples and cook all night on low. When you get up in the morning, the applesauce is ready for you to add whatever spices or sugar you want. Then place in containers and freeze.

It's by far the easiest way I have found.