Sunday, March 8, 2009


*I am an aunt again. After a complicated labor, Anita and Mark welcomed little Pax into the world. We are so grateful that everyone is healthy, and I Can Not wait to hold a newborn again (it will be nice to see you too Anita and Mark :).
*I am starting my journey with cloth diapers. I am going to be a part-timer. I will try to use them as often as I can, but I occasionally will throw in a disposable.. maybe when traveling or at night time?? I will have to experiment to see what works best for us. I will do my first load of diapers tomorrow, and so far it really hasn't been bad at all. Thank you again Marianne for all of your time helping me make diapers!! You rock girl!
*Sofia continues to keep me humble. Today in primary, we were talking in sharing time about fathers and how although they try their best... they are still not perfect and make mistakes sometimes. Sofia of course felt the need to yell out "Yeah.. mommies too!" This morning I was in a bad mood as I tried to look for two lost items that I really needed, and Sofia very sweetly said to me:"Mommy, you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." (She has heard that a few times :), and although it didn't completely make sense in the context... I was kind of throwing a fit). Sofia is really excited to go camping this summer and after watching Man in the Wild with Chris, she is convinced that we will kill and eat frogs when we camp.
*Gabe is a parrot. He repeats everything. Speaking of repeating... I know I have mentioned this before, but those of you who haven't seen him in awhile, will think it is hilarious how different he is. He also started nursery (we snuck him in a little early), and he is doing well!
*This week is my last week of the term teaching, and it has been a great term with amazing families. The pay could be better, and the politics aren't always fun with any job, but I love love being in the classroom with the mamas and babies.
*My sister Kim is in town, and I am going to leave for Medford to hang out on Tuesday after work, and then head down to Klamath to see the Becerras who are missing the grandkids. I am leaving Chris so that he can get a lot of work on his classes done without us here distracting him.


Amanda Nemelka said...

That's too funny about Sofia. Ahhh, kiddos! Hope you have fun with your family this week. Wish you could be close to me all the time and hold MY newborn in a few months!

Jaime said...

what day are you comming into town?

Heather said...

Sofia is a crack up. I can't believe how big both of your kids are getting!

Anita said...

we are excited to see you guys too!!! We need to compare baby pics of Sofia, I think I am seeing a lot more Becerra in this boy as He gets a little chunkier everyday:)

breanna said...

hey i just started trying out cloth this week, and it really isn't bad! which kind do you like/use?

breanna said...

hey i just started trying out cloth this week, and it really isn't bad! which kind do you like/use?

breanna said...

I have been using several thAt came in a trial pack, but I'm trying to decide between bum genius and fuzzy bunz. I like that bum genius are one size, especially since the older two still sleep in a diaper at night. With those they could all wear the same ones, but they have leaked a little on hazel. I'm going to try to add another liner tomorrow.I have to say that I am impressed with your sewing skills!! I can barely sew anything! Seriously, even attempting is amazing! I don't think diapers would be too easy.