Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Make a Buttermilk Sandwich

Sofia loves having me write down recipes and grocery lists. Today she explained to me how to make a Buttermilk Sandiwhich. Somebody test it out and let me know how it turns out.
(Heat these up)
Next add-
-Angel Cookie
(Toast everything)
Next... this is the important part of what you do with the ingredients
"Paint it."
"Hug it"
"Squish it into a squishy Pile."
And there you have it, a delicious Buttermilk Sandwich.


Margaret said...

I tried it. It's a bit messy but delicious.

And I have to say, maybe it's my computer or my eyes, but for some reason the font on your blog makes my eyes want to fall out of my head. I always feel like I'm misreading it because my eyes struggle, so if I ever post something that doesn't make sense, that is why.

Kara said...

I will consider changing the font... but I need to figure out how to do it without erasing my links! Do you know how?? I am glad you liked the buttermilk sandwich (that somehow contained no bread or buttermilk). We will post more recipes for you soon.

Amanda Nemelka said...


It was great to talk to you the other day. Hope you're feeling better!

Margaret said...

Oh Kara, I wish I could tell you. I'm the most un-savvy blogger out there I fear. If I can even still call myself a blogger.
Its probably just me. Seriously, my eyesight gets worse when I'm pregnant. I kid you not.

Jaime said...

hahahah! can I put that on my blog, that is too funny everyone needs to read that!!

adrienne said...

That's funny! I have a whole bunch of recipes I made up when I was about 4. Very similar. Many recipes contained things like trampoline juice or brown eyes.
And I'm with Margaret- I find the font hard to read as well. I think it's the white on pink. I always have to re-do my links when I change my blog template. So sorry no advice there!

K Harker said...

That is too funny, what a smart girl, kind of. Well to "make up" a recipe is not easy, what a good attempt!
If you want to change your blog font and or color is should not get rid of your links. I do this all the time and it doesn't seem to get rid of my links at all.
Maybe just try changing the color first and see what it does. Good luck!

Adrienne said...

Leaves?! That is awesome, loveS it!