Thursday, February 26, 2009


It has been too long since I have posted.. so I will just ramble.
-I am thinking about attempting to do cloth diapers part time with Gabe. My rock star friend Marianne said that she would help me make some pocket diapers. I will let you all know how it goes.
-I think that I am too social. I need to have more days at home with the kids just chilling. The only problem with being at home is that I am starting to slowly wean Gabe and when we are hanging out at home, I am constantly trying to distract him so he forgets about nursing.
-Chris is a crazy man. School, Masters, Photography, Counselor in the Young Mens', and Family. He is stressed. I love this dude and so appreciate what he does for his family.

Here are some Sofia updates:
-She insists that her name is Annabelle and that Gabe is Chucky Sue.
-I don't think Sofia is going to be a super girly girl. When we showed up at the park the other day, she enthusiastically yelled out, "Everybody, let's get dirty.' And she did.
-She loves sneaking out of her room a million times lately after we put her to bed. The other day she yelled out "Mom, I love you more than ice cream." From one ice cream lover to another, I took that as a sweet compliment :).

This was our 6th visit to the aquarium in 5 months :). On this trip, we went with our bilingual playgroup. It was fun, and the kids never get sick of going.

Ahh.. nothing bonds siblings like some good old fashioned tv watching. Okay not really, but I did think that the hand holding was cute.

I never know if Gabe is going to nap when I work all day on Tuesday. When we got home, he literally sat on the couch and fell asleep within 1 minute.
More Gabe news:
-I mentioned the whole stitches saga in the last post.
-Gabe is seriously a climbing monkey. That is why I am surprised that he hurt himself simply stumbling and tripping.... he does many daring things at home that scare me to death.
-Gabe is saying soooo many words. Every time he talks it cracks me up.
-Gabe loves to give kisses and to push. He is a passionate little man.

This is Gabe and I enjoying a lazy morning. Little did we know that just 2 hours later we would end up in immediate care with stitches :(

We made our annual visit to the OSU sheep barn to see the sweet new lambs and the mamas in labor. We were standing with a group of people all watching a Ewe about to deliver her baby, and Sofia was quite entertaining with her comments: "Mama, when you had a baby, were you a sheep?" I on the other hand was having a hard time watching another being suffer to bring life into the world. Call me sentimental.. but there is something beautiful about birth.... even with sheep!

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Jaime said...

Gabe looks so different!! He is a little man. I can't wait to see you guys.