Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is Here... or at least today it was today!

This picture truly captures perfectly the brother and sister bond that Sofia and Gabe share. It is precious. They wrestle and love on each other all day long.

It has been so beautiful here the last couple of days. It is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood with the weather we have been having, especially since we probably have quite a bit more rain to come. Here are updates on the kiddos.

Sofia-The other day when we were in the park, Sofia started playing with a little girl from Spain around her age. The little girl was shy, but she slowly started warming up when Chris started speaking Spanish around her. She also spoke English and after a few minutes, Sofia and Nora were in serious play together. As they were building sand castles... they had a conversation that went a little like this:
Nora:I am really strong.
Sofia:I am a little bit strong,but not too much.
Nora:I am really strong.
The conversation repeated itself a few time and then Sofia busts out."I'm not too strong, but I am adorable. Yeah.. I'm adorable. Are you adorable?"
Nora: Yeah... I'm adorable, and strong.

Where did Sofia come up with this?? She is one funny girl.

Gabe: Gabe sings now! If you leave out words in twinkle twinkle, he can fill them in. He and Sofia melt my heart when they play together. First thing in the morning after nursing, Gabe runs in and yells "Sissy"or "Fia" to wake her up. Sofia always responds by yelling "I'm sleeping1!!" but within a few minutes they are laughing and playing. I love it!


Karli said...

I keep meaning to ask you - have your kids ever done any modeling? Other than for your hubby? There is a picture at our Costco, I can't remember what it's advertising, but it's right next to the food court, and every time I pass it, I SWEAR it's Sophia and Gabe. It looks like both of them.

Anita said...

when it rains pictures is pours pictures on your blog!! I am sooooo excited to see you guys!!! I am counting down the days, I hope you are too:)

Kara said...

Hah.. my kids have never done modeling. It's not something I have ever thought of, but that is too funny :).
We are so excited to see you guys!!! It will be so fun!

Heather said...

Your kids are so beautiful and I love how they play together! Beautiful pictures.