Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sofia Turns 4!!

Sofia turned 4 on November 7th, and she was able to share the day before her birthday with my parents, then we took off to the coast for her actual birthday with Chris' parents. Here are some things I love about Sofia right now:
*She is such a perceptive person. She notices everything around her and listens to everything we say. She knows when people around her are sad, stressed, and she doesn't forget anything.
*She is such a good big sister. Although the kiddos are starting to fight a little more, for the most part, they get along so well. Sofia is always hugging Gabe and comforting him. She is such a little mother.
*Sofia makes our family be better. She is always reminding us to pray, have family home evening, and reminding me to "chill out."
*I'm not sure I have ever met a more curious kid. She talks and talks and talks. She asks questions upon more questions all day long. I am used to it (for the most part), but people who aren't around us very often often comment that they have never heard of a kid who talks so much. Maybe it gets old to them, but I think her curiosity is a wonderful thing. They say that we spend the first couple of years teaching our kids to talk, and then the rest of their childhood telling them to shut up. When we were at the coast with Carlos and Sharon, Sofia was laying down with us (to go to bed) while we watched "Pride and Prejudice." I told Sofia that she couldn't talk if she wanted to stay with us, to which she responded: "But mommy, if I can't talk, then I can't breathe, and if I can't breathe....I will die." FYI, she talked and asked questions the entire movie.
*I could go on and on about why I love this girl. She brings drama, exhaustion, fun, energy, and joy to our lives.


Tonya said...

We love her too!

Anita said...

Oh I love these gymnastics photos! Sofia looks so grown up, can't wait to see you guys in like 6 weeks! Yahoo!

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Sofia, sorry we couldn't make it up. We would have loved to celebrate YOU all day!!

Margaret said...

So cute Kara. Cannot believe she is 4...that breathing comment sounds like a Kara-ism to me. Fabulous.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

she is so cute!