Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's on my mind at 11:30 at night.

*I just got home from an indigo girl concert with my sister. It was awesome, and I am so busting out my guitar tomorrow.... I am inspired! I know there is a rockstar somewhere deep within me waiting to come out :).
*My sister Kris just picked up 3 hens from my neighbors while we were at the concert. I get my chicks in 1 week.
*I went to the coast last weekend with my lovely in-laws. Love those people. We went whale watching, and let's just say that there were no whales seen, but plenty of throwing up done by yours truly. It's a long funny/scary story that I am too tired to tell right now. When we got in the van afterward, Gabe said in his most serious voice,"That scary Mama."
*Kelsey and Jeremy just welcomed their 3rd baby girl Camia Grace into the family. We are way excited to meet her.
*Everyday new flowers are blooming at my house. Few things are a nicer surprise than coming home to a bunch of beautiful blooming tulips. It's the simple things I tell ya.
*Every time I hear Nickelback sing, I can't help but cringe my face at the sound and then ultimately laugh at their lameness. I heard them in a store the other day, and I am always amazed with how much that dude's voice bugs me. That one was really random. Time to go to bed. Sometime I will actually post picture. I am looking forward to lot's of time and fun with family this week.


adrienne said...

Oh, Indigo Girls. No matter how much I love you and how similar some of our music tastes, I can't bring myself to enjoy them. But I agree with you about Nickleback. Funny, because they are from a really podunk little town near here. I can't believe they are as popular as they are. I'm jealous that you have flowers. Everywhere you look here is brown and grey, but that is better than white.

Margaret said...

I haven't stayed up on the Indigo their old stuff, but wouldn't know any of their stuff from the last 10 years or so.

And Nickleback. I know people love them, but I can't even bring myself to tolerate them. His voice drives me nuts, NUTS!! I think one of the worst bands out there, yet they are super popular. What the?

Hawaii Monkeys said...

Kara! Glad you found me and I'm glad to find your blog! I was just about to write you a I'll go do that. ;)

Amanda Nemelka said...

throwing up? Preggers? Nickelback will ALWAYS make me think of you. Sadly, I do enjoy some of their songs.

Kara said...

If you saw them in person... you just might change your mind. I still believe you many change your mind someday, but if not, we can still be friends :).
They played some new stuff, but mostly old stuff... and I do remember you liking them as well. Haa...I still remember when you introduced me to nickelcreek and you made sure to clarify that they were not nickelback.
Amanda... not preggers... just got sea sick. We have a special nickelback bond my dear :).

Elisa Street de Masias said...

Kara! The rockstar is not "deep" within shouldn't have to dig deep to find it! Just brush the surface...and it's there I know!