Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello Everyone,
It has been a busy spring. We have added 8 new additions to our family. I first planned on getting 6 chicks, but when I saw that they ones I ordered all looked very similar, I decided that we needed a little diversity in the coop. The kids have named the chicks, and a few of their names include: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Elizabeth, Rufus, and Orangie. I have a cute video that I will post soon of the kids' first reactions to our new friends :)
I just finally uploaded pictures from my camera, so here are some here are some of the things that we have been up to:

*Here is Sofia with her little friend Tessa at their creative movement dance class. It is a really low key class that she does once a week.

Here is Chris chillin' like a villian. He is actually doing so much better now. He is still walking around with a limp, but he is on to physical therapy now.

We have been spending lots of time with cousins. All of the cousins but Jackson were here during spring break. One day all of the kids came up to hang out in Corvallis. We went swimming, roasted marshmallows in the yard, had an easter egg hunt, and all went on a walk at Jackson Frazier Wetland. It was so good seeing people!!

*A nice day in the park with friends.

*Sofia is obsessed with babies. Here she is with our little friend June. She could seriously sit and hold her for more than 15 minutes if we let her. She is such a sweet nurturing kid.
*Here is Grandma Sharon hanging out on the play structure with the kids. That woman is so adored by my little munchkins.

*Aren't these the sweetest kids ever! I have so much fun with them every day. I would not change a thing about my life right now. I would say that for the most part, it is sweetly simple.


EmmaJ said...

Beautiful pictures and children! Glad Chris is recovering well.

Margaret said...

So excited for you getting chickens. Yea! And Sophia is obsessed with babies eh? You know what that means.

adrienne said...

I want to see chicken pictures!! It made me sad that you have such beautiful spring weather, because I am looking out at a "lovely" spring blizzard. Yuck! I think I need to move to Corvallis...

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Love the picture of all the little Olsens!