Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

-I went to see Nobel Peace Prize Laurette Jody Williams speak. She has done tons of amazing work, but her main work was on getting land mines removed from countries around the world. I am feeling all inspired to think of ways to make the world better. She talked about how in the richest country we make excuses about why we don't have time to help and volunteer, but we have to stop making excuses and start acting. She talked about how the worst kind of people are those who whine about causes or injustices but do nothing to help. I think that I've done some of that in the past, so I'd better make my actions meet my talk.
-I'm getting ready to embark with the kids and I on a crazy quick trip next week to visit family in Oregon and then California. I'm really hoping the kids are up for this adventure.
-Okay, so this is really bugging me. Sofia wears some 4t, but she can also wear 5t. 5t is the last size sold in the "baby" sections of stores. I've been starting to casually look at stores in the "big girl" section to see what my options will be. I am so bummed. My choices went from sweet innocent dresses/leggings/regular clothes to clothes that look like they should be worn by teenagers. I can't believe that starting at size 6, all of the clothes are starting to look like clothes for pre-teen girls. Seriously. Usually I buy most of her clothes at garage sales, but that gets harder to do as they get older. I know this is totally random, but sorry people, I'm not dressing my sweet little girl in Hannah Montana and sparkly mini skirts at the age of 4. Have any of you had luck finding affordable clothes for bigger girls that are still sweet?
-I have a new breakfast discovery that is changing my world :). I always wanted to cook steel cut oats, but found myself too hungry in the morning to make them. Wait no longer my friends. I've starting making them in the crockpot at night and cooking them on low all night. I just add: 1 cup steel cut oats, 2 cups water, 1/2 cup milk, cinnamon, pinch of salt, a little brown sugar, and I've either added fresh diced apples or pureed pumpkin. You wake up with your house smelling like cinnamon and it is so nice to have something healthy for breakfast that took 2 minutes of work on my part.
-I think that I am going to be obsessed with gardening. I can't go to a store without wanting to look at their starts and flowers. My friend and I did a bunch of starts in her greenhouse, so we are anxiously waiting to discover which things are growing best. The weather is going to be great this weekend, so I am excited to hang out and finish our chicken fence!! That's all folks.


AJ said...

Do you feel comfortable with your crock pot turned out while you sleep? That would scare me... Did you know you can just soak them in water overnight and they will be soft in the morning. You could eat them like that but they are room temperature, so they just need a quick warm up.
p.s. I ran my 10K today! woo!! 64 minutes even.

Darcie said...

Kara, I seriously miss you! I too LOVE steel cut oats and have cooked them many times overnight in the crock pot. It's a wonderful thing to wake up to that smell. As for little girl clothes I couldn't agree more. Since I don't have occasion to buy much of those anymore I haven't really looked for places to buy sweet things, but I'll be on the look out. Good luck on that road trip - sounds like so much fun!!!

Darcie said...

P.S. I LOVE the music on your blog. Sometimes when I'm here in my scrapbook room working away, I just bring up your blog and listen. It's awesome!! Thanks SO much!

Sam said...

You are an inspiration to me. Just wanted you to know. Love you cuz :)

Megan and Ben said...

Hi Kara-
I found your blog...just had to remember the word order. Its funny that you mentioned the service and making a difference. I have been itchin' to get back into some type of organization where I feel like I am helping to make something (or someone) better. I have been missing you on the trails. Call if you ever want to go run or need a buddy to get out and do something with.

Kara said...

I do feel comfortable sleeping with it on low. Good job on the 10k
We are kindred steel cut oat spirits :). I am so glad you like the music. It is a bit of a random mix :).
You are so sweet. So if JD is done now, are you guys moving???
Megan!! Glad you found me.. so now I found your blog too :). Would love to get together and/or run. This week I will be with family, but when I get back, I would love to run/hang out!!

K Harker said...

Okay, about the girl clothes.....

My girl is 6 now. She still fits in to the Girl sizes of XS (which is also called sizes 4-5) and SM(which is 5-6). She's been out of 5T for a while.

At first I had a hard time finding clothes I liked for her in the "Girl" sizes, but usually you just have to dig. Old Navy usually is really good, not too much Hannah Montana stuff. Target, again you have to dig around. I think Children's Place can have some cute stuff but I have to wait for their sales, I can't spend full price on their stuff :)

I find that the smaller girl sizes stick to the younger theme and as you get up there in the bigger sizes that's where you'll see the stuff I dread her wanting me to buy some day.

Squeeze her in 5t as LONG as you can because Toddler sizes are SO much cheaper to buy, especially jeans/pants. Some times I find size 5T jeans/shorts are the same size as Girls XS (4/5) but the girls sizes will cost $$ more.
If your girl is long waisted like mine, you'll have to start buying the XS girls shirts sooner, they just make the Toddler ones too short for my kids' long waists.

Those are the only tips I have for you.
Good luck, and happy shopping!

adrienne said...

Mmmm... I like steel cut oats and I think I will do that, especially these days when I NEED to eat the moment I wake up!
As far as girl's clothes go... Macartney doesn't like to wear jeans, only yoga pants, shorts and knit shorts. And she likes graphic t-shirts, but thank goodness she has no idea who Hannah Montana is or any of those trendy things. Last summer I bought her some t-shirts at an Osh Kosh outlet (which we don't have here) and they had fun things like horses or puppies and not the older girls stuff. Other than that, I stock up at Target when I'm in the states (I WISH we had Target!!) and buy their basic Circo brand leggings/yoga pants and t-shirts, which tend to be pretty generic and child appropriate. I also get stuff at WalMart, but WalMart here is a little different- less brand names, more generic. Again leggings and t's. Macartney is tall so I have to shop around and find what size pants fit in what brand. I also like to second hand shop, but it seems like in size 5 it's tough to find good stuff. And I know she wears it out pretty well, too.

franklyentertaining said...

I have done steel cut oats before in a bowl inside of the crock pot - you fill up the crock pot with water so it comes half way up the bowl kind of like a bain marie and then I can throw the bowl in the dishwasher instead of cleaning the whole pot.

Fun to find you and your blog! I'll keep you posted about the cow!

Margaret said...

Kara, I'm not looking forward to the girls clothes after age 5. Right now it is easy. But Amelia is tall and I'm sure she will be bigger sizes before long. Anyway, have you ever heard of or Naartjie are super cute mix and match, really fun. All of the stuff I have from them has worn really well. And Olive Juice, they are super expensive, but my mom gets their e-mails when they have sales and all of the stuff goes down to $10. Which is awesome. Super nice dresses and clothes. Just have to wait for the sales.
And I love steel cut oats. And I need to volunteer.

Kara said...

K-Thanks for the advice.. and you are having your baby soon??
Target does have good stuff.. mixed with some stuff that I don't love. I didn't realize that Canada doesn't have Target. Sad. Too bad they can't swap Wal-Mart for Target :).
Cristina-Your life seems so lovely. For sure let me know how much work the cows end up being, and I love your bowl idea. Cleaning the crock pot each day is definitely my least favorite part.
I loooove Naartjie. Do you live close to one? The closest one is Portland, and I check online occasionally. I wished that I lived closer so I could check out the sales more often, but their prints are so funky/adorable. Definitely sweet and innocent. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe you could volunteer to make steel cut oats somewhere :) and spread the love :).