Thursday, September 30, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It

We did a quick photo shoot with the kiddos today. Sweet little munchkins. Here are some of my favorites:

Oh, and on another note, I saw this random article on yahoo, and who knows where all of this "research"/info comes from, but I thought it would be fun to assess how things add up for me in the happy department :) according to this article.

1)You were a smiley student

Adults with the biggest grins in their college yearbook pictures were up to 5 times less likely to be divorced decades later than those who looked less happy, according to a new DePauw University study. A smiler’s positive disposition may attract other happy people or rub off on a spouse.
*I was quite smiley in my year books thank you very much.

2)You have a sister

People with at least one female sibling report better social support, more optimism, and better coping abilities, according to a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference. Sisters appear to encourage communication and cohesion in families.
*I have 4 sisters. Score..... that must give me extra happiness points. It's true, having sisters is the best.

3)You're not glued to the TV

The happiest people spend 30% less time parked in front of the tube, according to a University of Maryland study that analyzed 34 years of data from more than 45,000 Americans. They’re more likely to spend time socializing, reading, or attending religious services—habits that are linked to better moods and health.
*We have no channels in our house, and I rarely watch t.v. shows online. I do however love me an online episode of "modern family."

4)You keep souvenirs on display

People who use mementos or photos to remind themselves of good times better appreciate their lives and are happier, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of California, Riverside. Good memories remind you of your “happiness potential” and promise that soon you can reach it again.
*I do have some souvenirs on display, but I am not much of a knick knack collecting kind of person... so maybe minus points for me? Chris has a lot of souvenirs on display, and he is quite the sentimental dude, so I guess he rules the happiness department in this area for our family.

5)You make exercise a priority

People who exercise more are less likely to be stressed and more likely to be satisfied with life, according to Danish researchers. Compared with sedentary people, joggers are 70% less likely to have high stress levels and life dissatisfaction, the study found. Couch potatoes who start moderate exercise—the equivalent of 17 to 34 minutes a day—experience the greatest happiness lift.
*I have been semi lameo this pregnancy in the exercise deparment, but I go walking with a neighbor, and in general, I am a pretty active person I would say.

6)You have a healthy love life

Physical intimacy is a key contributor to happiness, found a study by Dartmouth economist David Blanchflower, PhD, and Andrew Oswald, PhD, of England's University of Warwick. Married people report 30% more sex than singles, which may be one reason they also report being happier.
*I think I am doing pretty well in this department...especially for being 24 weeks pregnant. Enough (or maybe too much) said.

7)You hang out with happy people

Socializing with a cheerful person in your neighborhood increases the likelihood that you’ll be happy too, according to a new study. How often you get together matters most, say the researchers: People who live within half a mile of a buoyant buddy increase their odds of being happy by 42%. If the friend lives farther away (within a 2-mile radius), the chances drop to 22%—probably due to fewer get-togethers.
*I think I hang out with pretty happy people, and I have made a big effort lately to surround myself with positive happy people.

8)You stay warm with hot cocoa

Clutching a steaming beverage—coffee and tea also do the trick—can elicit a flood of positive feelings, according to a Yale University study. This may be because people associate physical warmth with emotional warmth, say the researchers. Study subjects held cups of either hot or iced coffee; those gripping warm mugs were more appreciative of friendliness in others and also felt more generous and trusting themselves.
*I love curling up at night to a cup of Trader Joe's herbal chai. It is soooo good.

9)You have two best friends

Among 654 married adults, those who said they had at least two “best friends” (not necessarily including one’s spouse) were likelier to have better mental well-being, says a study. But additional friends didn’t lead to any more happiness than just a pair.
*I do have at least a couple of best friends. I think that it is really interesting that having more than two good friends doesn't boost happiness.
There you have it folks. How did you rate your happiness after seeing these standards?


Steve & Sarabeth said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love the one of you and the kids standing in front of the house. And I'm gonna have to get some of that TJ herbal chai tea!

Jaycee's Daddy said...

I'm digging your new commitment to blogging. You don't need research to see you guys are happy, just look at these pictures!! Modern Family is the best show on television. It easily ranks up there with Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Saved by the Bell.

Kelsey said...

Cute pictures...can't wait to see you all next month!

Anita said...

I love the pictures, and I love your bangs!! The advice I like best is to hang out with happy people! It makes a big difference in my mood when the people around me are happy. I just hope I am that kind of person for other people:)

Kara said...

Sarabeth, the tea is called "organic ruby red chai."Add a little milk and honey and yum.....
Thanks, and "Oh this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down...." Love it.
I need to start planning for next month. We are excited, but I really need to start making our plan.
I am happy when I am around you, so you must be that kind of person :).

Mumu Mama said...

Kara, so happy you showed me you've been blogging again this weekend. Loved our visit and all these pics. I need to get into the blogging world . . . soon?

Margaret said...

Love the pics Kara. I think according to your "research" I'm pretty happy. Tired, but happy.
By the way, I think your hair looks fabulous.

Katie and Bryson said...

Hi Kara, just checking in :) I think we are having baby #3 about the same time! You look fabulous, and I love these pictures of your cute family. How far do you make it running into pregnancy? Just curious.