Friday, January 21, 2011

The Birth Story---Miriam Sol Becerra

I thought that I would post a few thoughts/details about Miriam's birth while they are still fresh in my mind (although my mind is not very fresh with about 8 hours of sleep since Tuesday morning). Wowsa are they still fresh in my mind :). I am the worst person in the world about knowing when I am going into labor. My labor's start so gradually that I spend a large portion of time not knowing/denying that I am in labor. Not hard to do when I was having contractions 20 minutes apart for 2 days before hard labor started. Tuesday night around dinner time, I think Chris and I started realizing that this may be the real thing with contractions becoming a lot more painful. When I laid down to sleep at 9:00, I soon knew that there was no way that I would be sleeping that night.
When I am in labor, I am obsessed with being in the water. I got into the bath tub at around midnight and stayed for a few hours before we headed off to the hospital around 3:00 a.m. We went to the hospital a little earlier this time than we usually do. Upon arrival to the hospital, I immediately got into the water and stayed for another 4 hours. I think that I am pretty calm for the most part in labor, but I have to say that the couple of hours before I had Miriam were very intense and extremely unpleasant. Around 8:15, I felt the urge to push a little, but when they checked me, they told me I was only at an 8. I think that I psychologically made up my mind that this baby was coming, and at a 9,I started pushing. Pushing was insane. I pushed this baby out in 12 minutes!! Chris said that one second he saw the top of her head, and the next second, she was totally coming out. Like I said, I wanted the baby out :). When Miriam came out, is was so awesome to find out that she was a girl like I had suspected. It is so amazing how one minute I was in the depth of despair freaking out, and the next...I am holding my beautiful baby.
What a rush, and to share this whole experience with my husband was awesome. I can not imagine a better coach/partner in labor than Chris. He is pretty much a stud. He is so attentive during labor, putting chapstick on me or anything else that he thinks may distract me from the pain. Seriously....I am never more in love with my husband than when we go through this experience together (although at this point... I don't really see myself doing it again :). The nurses kept commenting on what a good team we are and I feel pretty blessed to have a great husband to share this experience with. I know that there are a million more details that I could share, but I am exhausted. Life is great. I adore this baby. The kids adore this baby. This recovery is going well.... although a bit harder than my last. Let's see if we can get some sleep tonight.


Steve & Sarabeth said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful baby (she looks like all of mine did - chubby with lots of dark hair) just enjoy her! And take all the help you can get when people offer! Love you!

Cami said...

Yeah! Yeah! I'm so glad she is here. Congrats, guys.

Robyn said...

Something that Scott always comments on, even to this day, is just how bizarre it always was to see me in the depths of despair, freaking out, literally almost dying and then poof! just like magic holding a beautiful baby, smiling, happy, laughing, joyous.

CONGRATULATIONS! She's gorgeous. You did good girl.

Jaime said...

Kara I want to hold her so bad. I have no words, she is devine and you are once again a wonderwoman!
I wanted to call yestersay but Scott said I should wait till we know you wouldn't be so tired. I'll call tomorrow. Yeay for another beautiful Becerra baby.
We love you.

Wyatt's mommy said...

Loved reading your blog and hearing your birth story!

Elisa Street said...

Yes! The Becerra babies are beautiful, oh soooooo beautiful! I admire you so much for your strength and courage to have a natural childbirth. miss you and I can't wait to meet Miriam Sol!

Sam said...

Congrats! She has so much hair :) She is beautiful.

adrienne said...

She is SO beautiful! (I should know, I'm an expert on beautiful babies...) I love hearing other people's birth stories. And since mine is still so fresh in my mind, I can totally relate to that intensity! Congratulations and I love ya!

joshandliz said...

kara, so exciting! a few of us girls from class just went on a walk on wednesday and i was asking if they knew if you had had your baby yet. congratulations! she is oh so cute. (and don't know if you've heard but we're pregnant with a little girl as well! due in may and i can't wait!)

take care,

EmmaJ said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful and you are amazing!

Klinkhammers said...

Congratulations, Becerras....all of you. What wonderful news. I'll look forward to meeting Miriam.

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. You are a great writer and it was a very intense and touching experience. Your husband sounds like an amazing guy and you deserve each other! Welcome dear Miriam Sol! An apt name for a welcome ray of bold sunshine in a gray winter.

Kara said...

Thanks for all of your support everyone. We really are doing well.
Cami, if only I could be as chill as you during labor :)
It really is amazing, and whoa was I freaking out right before :).
Call any time... I'm not sleeping anyways :).
That is great that you are having a girl!! Miss you guys!
You of course are an expert on beautiful babies :). I really need to talk and hear how 4 is going!
Thanks for the sweet comment.
You do have beautiful hairy babies.

Summer said...

She is beautiful! I love her hair! I'm so impressed with you and going natural! Hope you are getting some sleep and feeling well!

Kelsey said...

We're so excited for you and for our new niece. Congratulations!

cheriemartin said...

Good job on that little girl! When you are ready I may need to come hold a tiny baby with lots of hair, such a beautiful girl.

Warrior Princess said...

congrats!!! miriam is my most favorite name ever!! she's beautiful!