Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Got Milk?

So my first topic that I would like to bring up is breastfeeding. Sofia is about to be 15 months, and I have already cut back a lot in nursing, but I am starting to get to that point where I am trying to make a weaning plan. Breastfeeding is one of those topics that most people have some kind of opinion on. I have had people make comments that they are shocked that I am nursing a child this old, and I have also had friends and family who completely get what I am doing. So this is my opinion on the matter... I feel like breastfeeding is a completely natural and wonderful thing to do. I am not a mathematician but I created an equation that goes like this: Human Breastmilk=Best kind of milk for human babies. I understand that many moms choose not to nurse at all or for very long and that is completely fine if they feel comfortable with that decision, but for me... it has just felt right for me and Sofia to be nursing. Besides, now that I have a wild and engergetic child.. it is the only time that we snuggle anymore. I would be interested in knowing how long other people were nursed... and their opinions on the matter. My mom nursed me and all of my siblings for at leat 18 months... so for me, I never even really thought of the idea that other people would think that it is wierd. Also, I am interested in knowing what people think about nursing in public. I would also like to hear from other people who have weaned a child and how they did it.. gradual.. cold turkey? So.. this is my first random topic blog. Don't be worried or scared for future blogs.. not all will involve human anatomy.(p.s. It is okay if your opinion is not the same as mine.. just share yours in a respectful way :).


belinda said...


I have no idea how to blog. In fact I hope you even get this. You'll have to explain. I just barely understand email.


Robyn Barlow said...

Dude - nurse as long as you both want! I nursed Tanner for 12 months (only stopped 'cuz Sage was due in 6 wks), Sage for 18 months, and I'll nurse Sarah Elliott 'til she decides she's had enough. As for nursing in public, my opinion is that babies and their needs outweigh other considerations. And as for weaning, in my experience it happens naturally - it just naturlly starts to taper off. Don't think about it too much, just go with the flow (no pun intended) =)

The Olsen Family said...

I totally agree...It should always be up to you and your child as to when nursing stops. I mean, it's a really healthy way to go, and it's not like she is soley dependant on milk. Sofia eats like no other, I have seen her. All of that said, I will have to say that if you come to a point where you are in a mall and plop down a 5 year old Sofia, taking up an entire bench, to nurse...I might tell you to think about the weening process! :) You are doing a great job sista!! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

Kara's Blog said...

Thanks for the advice ladies. I actually think that we are going to start working towards weaning soon, because I am going to start having to leave her for longer days when I work for LBCC that day a week (in addition to the 2 half days I have to leaver her). Weaning and sleep also go a lot together, because I now have to train her to take naps somewhere else without nursing at all. She doesn't take a pacifier or any other soothers, so we will see how this all goes. I have to say that I am ready for this process to begin, but I am also really sad, because nursing is such a wonderfully sweet bonding thing. I can't imagine how sad it will be to nurse my last child someday. It may be nice in one way though, because I already feel like I am beginning to look like a national geographic woman :)(do you know the kind I am talking about?) We will see how this goes in the next month or so!

adrienne said...

Hey Kara,
I think the whole nursing/weaning thing depends on your experience. I had such a hard time with Macartney. Even though I suck with it until she 13 months old, it was never a really great experience. And I tried to make it great! So I decided that a year was enough for me. I was pregnant again and she was really easy to wean. Now with Thatcher, my experience is much better, but I still have a lot of challenges with nursing. I'm not talking about it being slightly inconvienient for me, but I've gotten mastitis a few times and some other challenges. I've worked so hard to do this, because I believe in it, but I also understand why some people give up. I will probably wean Thatcher at a year as well, but we'll see how it goes. This was what was right for me. I didn't care what anyone else thought. I think you should do what is best for Sofia and for you! You're great!


adrienne said...

I just realized that I wrote "suck with it" instead of "STUCK with it!" Ha, ha! Freudian slip!


Kara's Blog said...

Thatcher is such a pretty baby. I think it's great that you have made such an effot to stick with it, because even without infections, it is still very draining emotionally and physically sometimes. Since Sofia doesn't seem to be one of those kids who will "naturally wean themself," (I think she would nurse forver if I let her), I think that a person knows it is time to wean when it just isn't working well anymore.. and it is starting to get to that point. I think that I will have a couple of weeks of a lot of screaming.. but hopefully it will get better after that!