Sunday, February 25, 2007

Same old shmame old

So, I know that I should keep on writing different posts, but it is hard to think of things when life is just same old shmame old. One thing that did happen was that Chris' abuelo in LA passed away a little over a week ago. Chris was able to go down to California and spend a little time with family, and I am really glad that he could do that. Chris is very close to his grandparents, so this was really hard on him. This summer I think that we will try to go to Honduras with all of Chris' family when they spread Papa's ashes in the ocean. Chris and I have decided that no matter what our financial situation, we will make it a top priority to be with family during important family events.. so hold us to it everyone. I hope that Chris's grandma is okay adjusting to this big change in her life. It makes me sad to imagine my life without my homeboy.. I need to be better at appreciating him on a daily basis.


E said...

Did you hear the Dixie Chick song on AI last night? You would have sung it much better.

Kara's Blog said...

I did hear it.. and I thought the same thing.. although it wouldn't be very hard to sing it better than that chick did. It is funny that I just checked this now, because I am actually listening to that song right now.. and I was just singing along to see if I sounded better than that chick. Come on... next year.. you and me.. american idol audition.