Monday, February 25, 2008


So after reading our friend Jeff's blog post about immigration, I am feeling all passionate about the subject myself. In fact, it was about this time last year that my letter to the editor was published in the Herald and News in defense to a crazy letter written by an old Henley High teacher talking about how horrible illegal immigrants are. I think that we are used to such a crazily high standard of living here (even those of us married to teachers!) that we sometimes forget that most of the world lives off of $2 a day. Why do we feel so self righteous,prideful, and entitled when most of the immigrants in this country have just come for a better life? I am good friends with many Mexicans in Corvallis from my previous jobs, and they are all here working hard and enhancing our communities. As for politicians who think that sending all of the immigrants home or building some sort of crazy wall, I ask,"What would Jesus Do?" (Sorry for the vent... but this is a hot topic for me).


Jeff Nemelka said...

Here you go Kara. Elder Jensen is in the Q 70. Awesome speaker! lets bust some white heads and help out our amigos...

Anita said...

You go girl!!!! :-)

adrienne said...

Being Canadian, my views are definitely different than a lot of Americans I'm sure! When we came to visit you guys the summer before last I remember we talked about this. I still remember that conversation and it was a great discussion! It was refreshing to know that there are people like you in America! Way to stand up!

Cami said...

We have also been enjoying the sunshine when it is here. I'm just now reading about what's up with you. How's the house stuff going? There are more and more for sale around us.

Kara's Blog said...

Who knew you were such a radical?
It is always intersting to hear the Canadian perspective (not that you speak for the whole country :).
House is still for sell. Know anyone who wants to buy it? I know we won't have a problem finding some sort of house to move into... it's the selling part. Oh well, we will be patient.