Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ellen or Oprah

As you can all see, I have a new question of the week. Who do you prefer.... Oprah or Ellen? The reason I post this question is because I think that it is so funny that my little Sofia has an opinion on the matter. On the rare occasion that I get the chance to chill out and flip between Oprah and Ellen (they are on at the same time here), Sofia always freaks out when I switch the channel from Ellen to Oprah. She whines and whines "Not her..I want Ellen!" So if you all had to choose one, which one will it be? The ever so witty and charming Ellen who can make me laugh my head off.. or the "You go girl" Oprah who is more likely to amaze you at her insight as she explores transgenderism (is that a word) or some other strange but interesting topic?

I am also making a call for good music you all have been listening to. As you can all see from my list, I mainly like Chic music. I don't know why this is.. maybe the fact that I can sing a long and try to sound like them? The only reason I even included a few male singers is because I didn't want to look like the girl who only likes chic music.. so I hurry and though of a few men that I like. So to all of you.. I post a challenge: Introduce me to male singers that I may like (Amanda.. don't try Bon Jovi again.. it's not going to happen).


Laur said...

Kara! Ellen is the best...haha!
But for music I have lots of really awesome guys that I think you would like. Try Shawn Mcdonald and Matt White. They are the first two that come to mind. =)

Shahnaz said...

Hmmmm...I really like Ellen because she is so naturally funny. However, Oprah has the pull to get some of the greatest guests to stay for an entire hour. This is a hard one. I guess, just like in the election, I'd have to plant myself firmly in the "undecided" category. I'm straddling the fence and could fall either way depending how the wind blows that day.

As for music...I'm with you on chick music. I love to turn up the Dixie Chicks, Nora Jones, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliot, Madonna etc and rock out with my little ones. For guys I really like James Blunt and Jack Johnson.

Margaret said...

Oprah or Ellen? I think they have very different shows and I like them both. Still waiting for the Kara show though.

Okay so music. Here are some that I love (and that I think you'd appreciate) that pop into me wee head:

Rufus Wainwright (I think you would love him)
MIKA (good for dancing, fun fun fun)
Sondre Lerche (so good...did the music for Dan in Real Life...did you see it?)
Paolo Nutini
Damien Rice
Jeff Buckley
Old 97's
Peter Bjorn and John
The Shins

um, I'm going to make you a CD, send me your address.

Shahnaz said...

I forgot old school Paul Simon!

juliette said...

Oprah because the channel comes in more clearly with my high-tech rabbit ear technology.
Xavier Rudd and Lucinda Williams.

Kara's Blog said...

Lauren, I will give those guys a try and get back to you. I hope you are having fun in Utah!

Shahnaz, I must have wrote this email to make people decide subconsciously, because I had been watching the news all night with the election. Oh, and I think you should consider Obama, because I have a feeling that if it comes down to Mcain and Clinton, I just don't think Hillary could beat Mcain, but I think Obama could. Oh.. and I do like Jack Johnson and Paul Simon (as well as his friend Garfunkel :)

I know you said you don't like having to choose favorites, so I apologize :). You are definitely the person I should get a cd from, because you are always current with good music.

I will try that Xavier... just because I like his name. I do like Lucinda Williams naturally because she sings "Chic Music."

Jeff or Amanda Nemelka said...

I'm an Oprah girl. Although I like to watch Ellen in repeats in the summer. She's funny but honestly the dancing gets a bit "old" for me. We get love to dance. Now...don't go stoning me over that comment. As for music. Hey...don't knock Bon Jovi...he's GOOD. I agree with Margaret. Paolo Nutini and Damien Rice are some favs of mine. Ummm...I'm going to have to really think about this and get back to you. BTW, we bought (well, almost) the Outback and I think you're the only one who will think it's cool, but I'm excited! Peace out!


Kara's Blog said...

I love Ellen's dancing, seriously.. it never gets old to me. I am jealous that you are getting the outback, and if people don't think that it is cool, then they obviously just don't know what cool is :)

Margaret said...

Come on Kara, you know you know the words:

"It's my life, it's now or never..."

I'm sure Amanda can help you if you can't think of it.

The Macdonald family said...

Hmmm that's tricky. I say Ellen wins 4 out of 5 times. I too am waiting for the Kara Becerra show to spice up my life. As for music, I think you should go to your playlist and type in "Hey, Julie" It's a great song that all should have, so people can thoroughly enjoy their blogging experience.

Jaime said...

I have to say that Ellen is freakin hillarious, but no one tops Oprah on her givaway shows. I cry everytime, then again I cry over pretty much everything!!
I love them both.