Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thoughts For the Day

*Ways I know that I am way out of shape: 1)I get sore from doing "ring around the rosy" too much. 2) My legs get sore from carrying Gabe in the Bjorn(why would my legs be sore?). I am going to try and train for the 1/2 Marathon in Eugene in 2 months, and if I can't get ready in time, I will run the 10k.
*I watched part of American Idol tonight, and so far I think Asia is the best.
*This whole beef recall thing is making me rethink eating meat. Meat is yummy to eat every once in awhile as long as you don't think about where it comes from!! In my next house I want to have my own chickens (for eggs.. not meat) and grow a garden. It is good when you know where your food comes from.
*Sofia is doing a lot better about not being as aggressive with her little friends... except with Marshall. Those two kiddos are so crazy together! They are like WWF wrestlers when they fight. When Sofia fights Marshall, she gets this fiery look in her eyes that reminds me of the look in the eyes of two cowgirls who I watched fight in high school. It was nasty.. I remember one kicking the other with her cowgirl boots.. ouch!!! I'm pretty confident that this phase will end by high school.
*Sofia has all of the music we listen to memorized. It makes me want to rethink what I listen to and make sure the messages are appropriate for a 2 year old to repeat!
*My prediction for Gabe's personality: I think that he is going to be a very active and hyper boy.. but a little more laid back than Sofia... only time will tell.
*I have been on a homemade bread kick lately. Homemade bread is a cinch with a kitchen aid. I feel all "domestic" and motherly when I make it, and it is so easy. Goodbye forever store bought bread.
*I so wanted to go to a Lunar Eclipse party I was invited to, but instead I stayed home to put a cranky toddler to bed. When a parent is dealing with a cranky toddler, watching a lunar eclipse all of a sudden doesn't sound so fun or exciting.
*We spent over 2 hour today playing at a park. Hooraaahhhhh!!! for nice days.
*We are looking into buying an area rug for our living room so Gabe has a soft area to be on the floor. I had no idea how expensive rugs are!!! Does anyone know of anywhere I can buy a nice quality inexpensive rug?


adrienne said...

I'm so jealous that you get to play outside!! So jealous in fact, I checked Denver's company's website to see where their offices are in Oregon! Alas, only Portland. Good for you making homemade bread! I only make it in a bread machine. I don't make much of anything homemade these days as I am in the tiniest kitchen in the world! And way to go training for a 1/2 marathon! You have a right to be sore from everything else.

Heather said...

You can get decent area rugs at Jerry's. Nothing spectacular, but not insanely expensive, either. I think I would die if I even attempted to run anything near a 1/2 marathon. You're amazing! And, I want some of that bread.

darth said...

I like Syesha on American Idol. And the Australian guy...oh and the utah kid. Glad you're back.


Kara's Blog said...

We would love to have you move hear. I am always trying to convince people to move here, but so far my efforts have been in vein :)
Thanks for the tip. I actually ended up finding a great rug at Target... so I am happy. I thought they would all be cheap there but they have some nice ones too!
I swore I wouldn't get into american idol this year, but I am a sucker. I just can't handle the commercial breaks every 10 seconds, so I have to be doing something else while I watch.