Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hello all!! Thank you all so so much for all of the wonderful meal ideas. I am glad to know that you all are dealing with the same issue. Here are some of my random thoughts and things that have been going on.
*I heard today that only 24 houses sold in all of Corvallis last month. It is almost a record low. We keep finding houses we love.. but who knows when we will sell. Feel free to buy our house anyone if you would like.
*People overwhelmingly voted for Italy on my poll last week. I want to know who the 2 people are who voted for Winnemuca,and I hope you were kidding. Chris and I have this little inside joke about Winnemuca. Every time we have ever driven through, I threaten Chris that I would rather die (obviously a huge exaggeration) than live there.. so he better not ever get a job there. Sorry to anyone who loves that place or who was raised there.. feel free to defend Winemucca if you would like.
*Okay.. so for all of you who were so impressed by my desire to run a half marathon.. you may be happy to know that there is no way I will be ready (admit it.. none of us like to see postpartum mamas in too good of shape.. we don't want to be the only ones out of shape). I ran a couple of miles the other day, and I literally feel like I have shin splints from it.. so either I am overly optimistic or foolish for wanting to run that long of a race right now.. you decide.
*We went down to Medford last weekend to visit my parents. Their house there is 1 block from the Medford temple. My sister Kim is here visiting with her son Jackson from Virginia. We had tons of fun.. but since I have no camera right now.. sorry, no pictures. If anyone wants to see pictures, they can go to Jaime's blog.
*Has anyone seen the nasty Jack in the Box commercial? I saw it tonight.... and its' hidden message is so creepy.. especially for a company selling burgers.
*I think that Claire will win America's Next Top Model (yes this show is one of my guilty pleasures).
*Here are some cute and not so cute things that Sofia has been saying lately
-When Sofia woke up from sleeping with my mom this weekend, she looked up at her and said,"Where's my other Mommy?"
-She is on this weird kick lately where she is trying to test me. Example: When she is with a cousin: "Mommy, can I kick Devin?" Then she smiles this devlish smile and waits for my answer (obviously a no every time). She also frequently asks me if she can kick and hit Gabe. She never does.. but she knows she is being naughty to even ask. Is this weird?
*Gabe is trying to sit up and already weighs 19 pounds. He smiles so much and usually laughs at Sofia only. He thinks that she is hilarious.
Well folks... that is my life right now in a nut shell.


Sarabeth said...

Kara, I need a more complete update on your family! When did your parents move to Medford? And tell me which kids belong to who...I know Heather has Max and Kira, Kim has Jackson...tell me the rest! One of those boys looked EXACTLY like Scott, although they all definitely look like Olsen kids.

Margaret said...

When did your parents move to Medford? Oh wait, someone just asked that. Yet the question remains.
I didn't know you were selling. Good luck.
Most importantly...the Jack in the Box commercial...the hot tub one? When I saw it I was, they wouldn't do that. Then I saw it again and it made my skin curl. Gross, creepy and makes me NOT want to eat there. Icky!

juliette said...

Oh, okay, we'll sell our luxury condo in Winnemuca and buy your house. Hmmm, I never see you guys and I realized it's because you live way over there. Buy a house in South town! Please!

Kara's Blog said...

Kim has Jackson.
Kris got married last summer.
Heather has Max, Kira, and Devin
Niki has Kymber, Jillian, and Anna (twins)
Scott has Ellie, Connor (the boy who looks just like him), and Macie,
It has been way too long since I have seen you!!!
My parents moved to Medford just part time, because my dad got called to be in the temple presidency for the Medford temple. Yes, I am talking about the one in the hot tub... I will never eat at Jack in the box again (which is eas since I don't like it anyways).
I would love to live in South town.. but so far our top choices (who knows if they will be avaialable when we actulally buy) are not in south town. Let me know if you see anything interesting in that area!

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Kara you are so crazy and fun. It is a riot to read your blog. I personally would love to see you run a half marathon. Did your parents move to medford? Our house in medford is 2 miles from the temple. We loved it and are still trying to sell it months later (good luck with yours). Adrienne