Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Story of Stuff

A few months ago, my sister sent me this link:
When you get a chance.. please take the time to watch at least part of this little video (I think it is 20 minutes total). We are used to having so much stuff in our culture.. that our stuff begins to control us. I am also guilty of buying too much crap, but it does making me feel better for buying most of my kid's toys and clothes at garage sales, and I have a feeling after you all watch this, you will be joining me. Not only are we wasting the worlds resources to make all of this stuff that we don't need, but we are also harming the people and environments of where all of this stuff comes from. I really want to talk to Chris to discuss ways we can leave less of a carbon footprint, because I can be so wasteful and indulgent at times. Let's simplify everyone!!! Here is the introduction to entice you(I could only find segments on you tube)., but really.. take the time to watch the whole thing. I really want to know what you all think!!


EmmaJ said...

I didn't get a chance to vote while the poll was open, but my vote would be for Peru

Amanda Nemelka said...

That was a very enticing video! I would love to watch the whole thing sometime.

adrienne said...

I will definitely watch it sometime when I get a chance. We really try and always find ways to reduce our impact on the planet. I'll show Denver too, because I'm sure he'd be very interested.

Kristin said...

Hey I noticed you have link to my blog on yours, thanks! If you haven’t read my blog lately than you may be confused as to why I am going to ask you this question…Could I ask you to change your link to my blog to say either “Harkers” or “Harkers in the Midwest”, Please? Like I said you may be confused but to sum up my last post, it’s for security reasons, I’m no longer using first names in my blog if you want to know more why feel free to check out my last blog post. Thanks for doing that for me