Sunday, March 2, 2008


My parents gave us a year pass to OMSI (a fabulous gift I must say), and we were able to go up again yesterday. If any of you who live close enough to Portland haven't taken your kids to Omsi.. it is a must. They have a whole huge area devoted for kids 0-6, and Sofia would be happy playing in that area alone all day long. They also had a dinasour exhibit that was really cool. Is it instinctual to be scared of dinasours, because the whole time that we looked at the fossils, Sofia kept saying things like,"Don't eat my dinasour,"It's going to eat my shoe,"or "Is it going to eat Mommy?" Any one want to go to Omsi with us sometime?
Other highlight of the weekend... my parents stopped by today with Heather's kids for a few hours. When we tucked Sofia into bed tonight, she said, "I had fun today." She loves her family so much, and we do to!!


Shahnaz said...

We love OMSI too!!!!!!!!!!! We went in early February, and then two weekends ago Owen got to go two days in a row. It's so great! We'd love to go there with you guys. We went to a laser light show in the planetarium, and Owen is still talking about how cool it was. You can see a bunch of OMSI pictures at my smugmug site (http:\\ password:shahnow). Look in the February 2008 gallery. I love the little forest. And Owen would happily play at the water table for hours on end.

Kara's Blog said...

Let's go. Maybe we could go during the week sometime or on another day when the hubbies can come too? I will look at your photos, but we are seriously up for a trip anytime. Did you call Maria by the way?

Amanda Nemelka said...

Don't know what OMSI is...but sounds fun. I can't wait until Chance is old enough to enjoy stuff like that!

Kara's Blog said...

Omsi is the oregon mueseum of science and industry. It is a huge science muesuem for kiddos, and it is so cool.. you will have to come someday when you visit.