Monday, July 21, 2008

Book Reviews (I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my next reviews :)

Three Cups of Tea-This book is great great great. Everyone should read it. This book proves that one person can really do their part in changing the world. Greg Mortenson begins his mission building schools in Pakistan after he wanders into a remote village after attempting to climb K2. After seeing the kids writing on the ground with sticks, he promises the village that he will build them a school. With no idea of how to even start, this book shows his journey of how he goes about building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greg Mortenson shows perfectly what our political leaders are doing wrong. Education changes countries much more effectively than bombs. I know that war is sometimes necessary, but really, doesn't it make more sense to help people learn to help themselves from within though education than to throw billions of dollars into bombs? I know that that may seem too simplistic, and like I said, I know war is sometimes necessary and that the Taliban is freaky, but our leaders could learn a lesson from Greg Mortenson! This book was inspiring... and I am now wondering what I can do to make an impact locally and globally!

Twilight-I fought reading this book for a long time. After it had been recommended to me a handful of times, I still couldn't picture myself liking a "dumb" vampire book. I finally gave in and read the book, and finished all 500 pages in 2 days (thanks for watching the kids Chris while I ignored them). I am not going to lie and say that this book is not cheesy or even laughable at times, but I couldn't put the dang thing down. It is a guilty pleasure like the bachelorette or Grey's Anatomy. I can clearly see that they are ridiculous, yet I am sucked in. I am just now starting the second book.... so we will see how that goes. If you want a quick read, this is your book!


adrienne said...

My mom read the 3 cups of tea book and recommended it to me, so I'll have to read it now that I've had 2 recommendations. I, too, fought reading Twilight and I'm embarrassed by how much I liked it!! I read all 3 books in 5 days while I was visiting my parents in January. I totally neglected the kids, but I couldn't help it!! I think the reason I liked them is because even though it was cheesy and laughable, it all made "sense" because it was about VAMPIRES so why not?? Of course he's totally irresistible to her, he's not human, so that makes sense, right? Anyways, I can't wait to read the next one. I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I couldn't help it this time! Keep the book reviews coming...

Jaime said...

Kara I have heard of a book that I think you should try reading. I think it is called Slave. I will make sure and get back to you with an author. It is a true story about an African girl who gets sold at about age 12 to I believe an Arab man. It is supose to be an amazing story of triumph. And this all has happened within the last 20 some years she is my age.

Amanda Nemelka said...

Just will love Jacob Black before long! I'm on the 3rd book for the 2nd time. It is all a bit ridiculous, but still a page turner. Yes...truly a guilty pleasure.

K Harker said...

So my sister has read the first twilight book and said she was some what disappointed by it, maybe because people talk it up so much. I know it's just her opinion but she says it wasn't written that well but it was a good story line. Any way I have yet to cave in and I don't think I will since I didn't read ANY of the Harry Potter books or The Da Vinci Code (although I think I might like that one) Any way maybe I'll read these but maybe not :)
I think I'll like the 3 cups of tea book, I think I enjoy those types of books a lot more. So thanks for the recommendation.
I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns and really liked it and I want to read the Kite Runner. Have you read these? Did you like them?
I like how you recommend books on here it's nice to know what other people are reading. Thanks for sharing.

Kara's Blog said...

I am glad that there are other respectable people who have fallen into the twilight spell.
That does sound like a book I would like. I will have to check our library.
It all started with you letting me borrow your book. I had to borrow the next ones from a teenage girl in my ward. That goes to show who the books are probably meant for :).
I also tried reading Harry Potter and couldn't get into it. That is why this is so funny to me. I usually would never even think to read a book like this. It is the love story that will get ya. I have read A thousand splendid suns and the kite runner and I loved loved them both! I bet that you will like 3 cups of tea!

Katie said...

Sorry in advance...this is a touchy subject with me. I like to call the Twilight series 'Mormon porn' or 'horny housewife' material. I'm not saying I didn't read them all too, but I have to respect that you labeled them appropriately -- "guilty pleasure." What I can't take is the number of people who classify these as legitimate literature. Not a classic, folks. I've been fighting the urge to post this on my own site because of the number of people I would personally offend. So thank you for giving me an excuse on your site :)

Kara's Blog said...

I am not offended at all.Like I said, I feel like I am watching the bachelorette in a book. I don't feel guilty or anything and I do think that they are entertaining, but I don't think that they are going to go down in history as amazing pieces of literature. Thanks for sharing your opinion!