Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Doesn't this little guy just melt your heart? We celebrated his 2nd birthday a few days early with family, and besides Sofia's hair catching on fire (see video on Chris' blog), it was a great day. Here are some things about Gabe that melt my heart right now:
-Before naps or bedtime when he wants me to lay by him, he says, "I lay by you mama." Or if he wants us to carry him he says,"I carry you mama" in his sweetest little voice,
-Speaking of voices, boyfriend can sing. When Gabe is trying, he can sing in tune, and he loves loves to sing. Do I foresee a boy band like the legacy his father left :)?
-He mimics everything people say, especially Sofia.
-He says the cutest prayers before dinner.
-He loves to yell out,"Family Hug," and we all run to each other and hug. So sweet.
-Before bath time, he is loving to do a little pee pee on the toilet every day. Even if he lets out one drop, he jumps off the toilet and yells,"We did it, we did it, we did it hooray!!" and does a little victory dance.
-He loves books. No matter where he is, he usually finds the pile of books and plants himself to read on the ground for a long time.
-His boundless energy is exhausting, but he has such a zest for life, you just can't help but fall in love with this little guy.
I got all teary eyed looking at his baby pictures the other day. This child brings such joy to our lives, and we love him so much!

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