Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's your laugh like?

Don't you just love those people who laugh so easily and naturally? They make you feel so funny, even when you are pretty sure, that you aren't being comical? It's good for the ego either way :). Or how about those people who have those full on belly laughs. Their laughs are so contagious that you are just happy to be around them. Then there is me... the silent laugher. Chris and I were talking the other day about how I don't really laugh out loud all that often. Don't get me wrong, I think that things are funny quite often, but although many times my heart is laughing, I just can't get the sound out. Why does this matter, you may wonder? Well, it really doesn't... except for the fact that I feel bad when people are being sincerely funny, and they may not think that I think they are funny, because I have a wussy laugh. There of course are times, when people really aren't funny to me (I have a strange sense of humor)... in which case.... it would be convenient if I could do some sort of fake chuckle just to be polite... but I just can't (literally). Is there anything I can do to make my laugh known more so that people really are aware when I think that something is funny? I do smile a lot, however, so if I smile at you a lot, consider it as good as a laugh.
So, I ask you all... what kind of laugh to you have? Do you laugh easily? Were you that flirty girl in college who laughed at everything and made guys fall in love with you, because their egos were soaring around you? Do you laugh easily? What kind of humor do you have? What can really get you laughing. Here are a few things that get me laughing (perhaps loud enough to hear):
-My kids. If anyone can get me to laugh heartily, it would be these munchkins.
-Chris when he dances or is in a cute teasing mood.
-A good episode of Ellen.
-Often times when a friend recounts a funny story.
-Occasionally my own jokes get me laughing pretty hard (no one else usually is laughing as hard as I am, however).
I know, this is a random post... but these are the random things that I think of.


Chris said...

I'm glad my dancing is always good for a good laugh. =)

Taryn and Christian said...

I can sympathize. I work with my husband in our private practice, and so I spend much of my day humoring people so they feel at home, and welcome. (Not that I fake the interest, but I tend to chuckle at their jokes more easily than most.) That being said, I've notice when I'm not "on the clock" its much harder for me to laugh out-loud. I'm in the same boat that I find things funny, but just appreciate it from within. So I guess what my problem is that I use up all my laughter at work? Hmm... perhaps I should look at that one a little more closely. If you come up with a cure, let me know. ;O)

K Harker said...

I think I am the only person to ever and who will ever witness my husband dance, and it kills me every time. I love that he does those silly things just so he can hear me laugh.

As for my laugh or laughs should I say, I have several.
When something is flat out hilarious and I have to let it out (or I'm being tickeled) I do a cackle laugh which I never liked but my hubby says it's his favorite. And I think my girl inherited it from me, but it's cuter when she does it.

When some thing is just funny, I do a low kind of giggle (not a girly high pitched giggle).

I think I have a sigh laugh which is some times my courtesy laugh.

And I also do the silent laugh some times too, I think when I'm tired.
I'm sure there are more laughs but I can't think of them all. I told you I have lots :)

Kara said...

I remember you having a cute giggle laugh and that you laugh easily. So jealous of you gals :).

Jeff said...

I can totally picture in my head your laugh to a T. It's more like a literal, "ha, ha" that you do with a trailing chuckle behind it. Maybe I'm not explaining it right, but in my head its sounds perfect! You and Jeff just need to mesh your laughs to a good happy medium. You know his! xoxo


Margaret said...

I don't have a great laugh...but fortunately I've moved on from the "machine gun" laugh I had growing up.
I think I laugh out loud a lot. Hmmm, I should pay attention.

You usually seem to make me laugh pretty well.