Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teachable Moments

Don't you love those teachable moments that you have as parents when you have the opportunity to share something that you believe in with your child? I often times feel like I miss teachable moments, because I am too focused on other aspects of my life or day. The other night, Chris was such a good example to me of taking advantage of a good moment to teach Sofia.
Sofia was for some reason really scared to go to sleep and crying, because we were leaving the room after laying by her for awhile. She usually goes to bed really easily. so we were concerned with how scared she was. Then Chris calmly told Sofia,"You know Sofia, if you are scared, you can pray to Heavenly Father any time to feel safe, and he will help you." She perked up a bit and said, "I can pray whenever I want, and he will help me?" We said a prayer together as a family, and she immediately went to sleep.
The next morning (bright and early I might ad), Sofia came and laid by me, and the first thing that she said was,"Mommy, last night I prayed to Heavenly Father a hundred hundred hundred times. I responded,"Did it help?" She cheerfully responded,"Yep."
This sounds like such a simple incident, and it was, but it made me feel so good that she knows how loved she is by Heavenly Father. I couldn't help but think afterward, that although I 100% know that Heavenly Father is there for Sofia any time she prays, I sometimes don't know if I believe that for myself. At times when I need his help the most, I withdraw from His help and love. I need to start calling upon His love and share my appreciation more, because He really does love each of us and wants nothing but the best for us. There is so much for me to learn from this whole parenting gig, and so far it seems like the majority of the time, my kids are the teachers, and I am the student.


Mumu Mama said...

That is so dear. I just sent an email to a friend expressing a similar sentiment, Carlos and I learn and continue to learn so much more from our children than we have taught them. Thank you Chris, Kara, Jer, Kelsey, Nita, and Mark :)

Jaime said...

That was great to hear Kara. Thanks for your post.

Amanda Nemelka said...

Why is it so hard to believe these things about ourselves? We KNOW we're worth it in God's eyes, but it's easier to believe that our kids are more important to Him somehow. I guess we need to remind ourselves that we are His children TOO. lots of love!

Katrina said...

So call me so I can get your new number! Isaac and I tried driving by your house so we could stalk you, too, but we couldn't find it. I'm going to need an exact address.

Anita said...

This is so sweet. I easily forget the simple's wonderful to have children to help us remember what life is really about.

Abby Bain said...

True that, sista! Hey, are you finally moved into your new place?!

Todd and Heather said...

I finally found your blog! Thanks for sending me the address, Kara.
Great entry about Sofia. I'm glad you shared it.
Heather and I don't update our blog often, but I hope you check us out every now and again. Later!