Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mom Talk

It's weird how as moms, some things become a part of our daily lives, and we aren't even phased by the weirdness of it all. Tonight I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone, and this is how the conversation went:
Me: (interrupting our conversation) Oh shoot, I think that Gabe just pooped on the floor.
Her:Do you need to go so you can clean it up?
Me: (Talking, wiping a butt, and cleaning the carpet all at the same time) Nah, I'm good... so what were you saying?
And our conversation just continued. No big deal. Poop on the carpet...that's just normal mom life I guess. This whole motherhood thing is a strange gig sometimes, but I love it.


Margaret said...

I used to hate the word poop. LIke, I never thought poo jokes were funny, I thought it was gross and horrid, I just hated the it's part of my daily vocab and I laugh when I hear poop stories sometimes.
Who knew? Right now Amelia has a bug, so she's got runny diapers (to put it nicely) and tonight she prayed that her poop would get better. Praying for poop, go figure.

Kara said...

Come visit me in my yard this summer, and we can lay back and laugh at poop jokes together :).

Pack Perhe said...

I'm with you Kara. Brian still thinks it's weird that I talk about our kids poop daily, but my consistent response is that it is a direct reflection of their digestive health! By the way, I remembered tonight that I was supposed to call you several weeks ago. Moms with newborns are not to be trusted with that kind of responsibility. I would love for you to visit--hope it's not too late. Call!

Amanda Nemelka said...

Poop doesn't bother me. Now throw-up...that's a whole other story. Kara -- I desperately want to come to your yard...We shall see what we can do about that.

The Growing Hennans said...

Totally normal! It is like having a moms day out and talking about nothing but the kids!

I was looking on your blog for a post you wrote (at least I think it was you!) some time ago about capes. Maybe it was a friend or family member that makes them? We are to the point now where I think Benjamin would really enjoy one. Can you send me the link to the info again?

Kara said...

My sister in law makes them, and she will make them exactly you wan them. Her blog is:
Is Benjamin going to be 3 soon? How is life with two?? I can't believe I haven't run into you more... it's a small town... do you go to story time ever?