Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Love Affair With Shoes

I think that I've mentioned this before, but oh how I love shoes. I own waaay too many shoes. I think that many women who have had kids can relate. No matter how much my pant size changes (and it has been known to vary many sizes with the whole pregnancy... post baby fatness etc....), my foot always remains a constant size 9.
If any of you are in desperate need of shoes...please, come shopping in my closet and I would gladly part with a couple of pairs. Oh... there is only one catch. I kind of have a thing for grandma shoes. You see folks, here in Oregon, yes... I'm sure that there are still people prancing around in their Jimmy Choos, but it seems like the majority of people are into comfort shoes. Crocs, Keens, Born, Earth Shoes, Danskos.... these are part of the shoe language that I speak. In case you think that all of my shoes are dorky sporty shoes, alas, did you know that Clark has a line called indigo that has high heels? And yes, they are funky and still comfy (and Heather usually supplies me with these). I know I may be too young to have fallen into the Grandma shoe trap, but I just can't help it. I think that my shoes are adorable too... so they are more like cool Grandma shoes.
So, my question for you... if you live in Oregon, do you wear comfort/sporty shoes... or cool people shoes like the rest of the country? Have you ever made fun of all of the comfort shoes you have seen Oregonians wear? And if you live in a place where people around you are way into appearances/boob jobs... I recommend that you consider relocating to a place where dressing comfortable is the norm :).


Katrina said...

I'll admit it. I am fascinated with shoes, but here's my hang-up: I'm cheap. I know I need to change my shirt pretty much every day, so it makes sense to have a lot of those. Shoes, on the other hand, are hard for me to justify buying. I've got like, three pair: one for church, one for everyday use, and some sandals for the summer. I think a pair of wicked heels would be fun, but where would I wear them? Mostly I gravitate toward comfy, cuz shoes that you can't walk in make no sense to me. Sorry for the super long comment. :)

Rachel said...

I love shoes too! When my mom would go into a shoe store when I was a kid, I'd immediately sit down on the floor and start trying on all the shoes I could reach. I have a thing for high heels though, so most of my shoes are not very comfy. You'd think I'd learn, after developing a stress fracture while running through the subways in Paris in heels. I think I'm in denial when it comes to practicality.

Speaking of fashion: I LOVE your shirt in the family photo at the top of the screen. Where did you get it?!

I see you have a place for chickens now. Did I tell you I've started a pasture-based farm? We have 300 laying hens right now, so if you need some chicken advice, I'm your lady. :)

Taryn and Christian said...

One of the many reasons that I completely miss living in Oregon is because of people like you! Totally sensible, and comfortable. Oregonians are unlike any other breed. Now that I live in Jersey (Soooo icky!!!) I get laughed at all the time because of my shoes. My own husband (A Jersey native) comments often on my choice of shoe, asking me if I'm still a little kid or if I'm going for a hike. I always tell him that at least by the end of the day my feet are still comfy and I'm blister free. I feel sorry for these typical Jersey Girls who feel that they have to wear 4 inch heels at all times. Give me my Keans or Borns any old day and I'm a happy camper!

Kara said...

The real question is... are the 3 pairs of shoes you have Grandma shoes... cool shoes.. or somewhere in between? Do you wear a size 9? If so, you are welcome to a pair of mine :). Chris was saying that we need to have you guys over again!
A farmer who has a thing for heels? That is a very interesting combination. I got the shirt from TJ Max a year ago. I love that place, and yes.... I really need chicken advice. But first, I have to get Chris to build me a coop!!
It seems like the East Coast in general is more formal than the west coast. Maybe if you wear shoes you like long enough.. you will get other people to see the light too :)?

Todd and Heather said...

So Heather is just like you: way too many shoes but convinced she needs each pair. She even can tell me exact occasions when such and such shoes are essential when I try to scale back on her shoes and make some room in our closet. If only we lived closer ...

And one more thing; I'm not currently in a job where I use math, but all up through college, I did pretty darn good in the subject, and I'm still your friend! I thought your theory was pretty funny. : )

Amanda Nemelka said...

I'm a 9 - too bad I live far away. Boo hoo. I would gladly take some grandma shoes off your hands.

Katrina said...

They're not so much Grandma shoes as they are the shoes worn by that really dorky teacher you had in Eighth Grade. Sadly, my feet are only an 8 1/2. Maybe if I wore two or three pairs of socks...

adrienne said...

I'm somewhere in between. My latest shoe purchse was a pair of pink converse sneakers (kids' size, so I can't take any of your grandma size 9's). I actually really like shoes, but I'm so torn between function and style. I need both. I have a few pairs of heels that I love, but I rarely wear them. In the winter I wear dress boots to church -practical and stylish -they keep my feet dry in the snow. They are hush puppies so they are pretty comfortable. I'm trying to find some cute flats, because I really don't enjoy wearing heels, but I want something cuter than sneakers. I feel like I'm in a shoe crisis and they don't really reflect my true style.

Kara said...

Glad you could prove my theory wrong. Since you live in DC, does Heather wear cool shoes??
You should totally come to Oregon to go shopping in my closet!
I think that 3 pairs of socks would totally be cool. I'm not sure if Grandma shoes would be an upgrade from dorky 8th grade teacher.
Pink Converse..... you are funky. Sounds like something a hip mom would where, not a Grandma.

Casey said...

I disagree completely.

Kara said...

What ev Casey :).