Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute kids, chore charts, and other business :)

*4 more days until my due date. Lots of contractions happening, so we will see when this little Becerra baby plans to come. Hopefully not right this second, I would love a good night's rest.
*I love how peaceful my life is right now. My plan of eliminating stuff from our lives has worked like a charm. I have so enjoyed the last few weeks enjoying my kiddos without major agendas.
*It's amazing how much better my kids behave when I am fully present with them (my brain has been in the clouds lately). Sounds like common sense, but I am a slow learner sometimes.
*Even though I in theory am not really fond of behavior charts, I thought I would give it a try out of desperation. After a couple of days, it was clear that the kiddo that I was hoping would love the idea... wasn't motivated at all by it, and the kid who didn't really need it as much was eating it up. Hmm.... on to my next plan to see what motivates this little man of mine.
*Aren't these kiddos cute? I have been pooped and impatient lately, but I would not trade my time with them for anything.

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Amanda Nemelka said...

Let me guess...Sofia loved the chart and Gabe...not so much?? Good luck with everything. I can't wait til baby boy is born!