Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living in Slow Motion

Everyone keeps asking who Miriam looks like. I didn't really know at first, but she is really starting to look like Sofia did as a baby.

Isn't that the sweetest little smile, with just a hint of mischief?

Sofia is our sweet little poser.

Don't mind the poochy postpartum belly. I keep reminding myself that it will only get better :).

Miriam is waking up to the world. We were hoping to get some cute sleeping shots of her today, but she was in the mood for a party.

I took these cute pictures of Chris and Miriam. Not too shabby, eh??

Gabe doing what he loves doing most right now.

Everyone always says that your kids grow up so fast, but I am definitely feeling like I am living in slow motion right now (which I for the most part am loving). You would think that I would have the newborn thing down with 3 kids, but each kid is so different. Miriam is so sweet. She is pretty chill for the most part, but when she does cry, she is pretty ticked off. I keep meaning to post on different topics and to do some book reviews, but let's face it... I live and breathe kids and a newborn all day right now. We are laying low in the Becerra household, but we like visitors :)!


EmmaJ said...

So precious! I love the picture of Chris tickling her chin

adrienne said...

Beautiful pictures. I wish I could come visit you while you're laying low. Isn't it amazing to watch a newborn's personality unfold? I'm loving it with Geneva! I keep thinking that by number 4, how different could she be as a baby, but she has her own personality already! Miss you.

Warrior Princess said...

love you!

Kelsey said...

I'm glad you're sticking to family...those are my favorite posts! I heard today we are probably going to see you soon, we're excited!

Amanda Nemelka said...

UGH...I want to just snuggle her to pieces!! She is adorable!

the Miller's said...

first I just have to say what postpartum pooch are you talking about?? You are more and more beautiful every time I see a picture of you....and your kids, yummy! They are so cute!! Congrats you guys!

Hawaii Monkeys said...

Kara&fam- congrats! I just caught up, and she's so adorable!!