Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to Avoid This

The other day Chris and I had an experience in the park that made me fear for the future of my sweet innocent toddler. Whenever we go to parks, Sofia is always drawn to older kids.. this time it was a group of 12 year old girls. As she was playing next to them (trying to play with them) this is the conversation that Chris and I heard:
Girl 1 :"Oh my gosh, are you going to the dance this weekend?"
Girl 2 : "Yeah I think so."
Girl 1: "Can I borrow that Roxy bikini top of yours."
Girl 2: "The one with the stripes? Oh yeah.. that one is so cute."
Girl 1: "I'll have to wear something over it to get into the dance, and then I can just wear that."
Girl 2: "What will happen if you get kicked out of the dance? Well.. I guess that we can all just leave with you."
I don't know why this shocked me so much.. but it was so wierd to listen to girls who don't even look old enough to have started their periods to be plotting out something like this (not to mention not old enough to have anything to fill the bikini top in the first place). On the way home,Chris and I started talking about what we need to do to raise confident daughters who don't feel the need to seek attention in ways like this. On the one hand, we don't want to be the authoritarian parents whose kids end up rebelling just to stick it to their parents... but I also want my kids to know that they should focus on being respected for who they are as people and as cheesy as it sounds to "remember who they are." I must admit that I was one of those lucky teenagers who slid by my teenage years without too much trauma thanks to my family and having really good friends. That is my thought for the day. Please check in with me in 11 years to see how I am handling this all.
p.s. I really don't like those Bratz Dolls


Amanda said...

Makes me scared to have girls! I know boys are trouble makers too, but they seem to avoid some of the pitfalls girls get into with the confidence issue. P.S. I really do have something to send to you and if I ever get my brain on straight it will get there, I promise! lots of love.

Cami said...

Not a fan of Bratz either. Gretchen know why I don't like those dolls becasue they are dressed so immodestly. She know when she lifts her arms up and you can see her belly it's time to give up the shirt. I'm also trying to make myself approachable to her. So she always feels comfortable coming to me with anything. FHE and family scripture and prayer have ceratinly help also. Aaron and I have often talked about the same subject. I tis overwhelming the responsiblity parenthood is.

Chris said...

My idea is that I follow Sofia all through school and let everyone know that I have a machete at home!