Friday, September 21, 2007

More Randomness From Yours Truly

Hello everyone,
As I get down to the last couple of weeks before my duedate.. I have a lot on my mind, but instead of addressing the important issues in my life, I will instead just talk about random things. I am attaching some pictures I snapped of Sofia today a.k.a Ms. Independent. Sofia wants to do everything like a big girl now by herself. Putting on her shoes, walking down stairs without any help... the list could go on forever. All day long she says "I do." I need to figure out how to channel this child's sometimes crazy energy into something positive, but I am telling you... this kid has definite personality. It is so funny that one minute we can be in the store and she can be throwing a 15 minutes fit (literally) because she wants to stand up in the cart, and I won't let her, and then 10 minutes later she starts singing a new song or does something so cute that it almost makes me forget about her fit (almost). I can't believe that she is going to be a big sister so soon.


Sharon said...

Kara dear,

One of the great things about your hubby is his independent nature. Looks like Sofia is taking up the cause, but be careful when you're shopping. That is when Chris' famous "kidnapper, kidnapper" episode happened!

juliette said...

She is going to be a fun big sister for your little sprout! Probably will lead little bro into all kinds of mischief. Cute pictures as always. I was afraid to comment on the last post. It's tricky.

Anita said...

Sofia looks like a ballerina in these pictures!!! Sofia really does look like you in that baby picture! You too are cuties!! p.s. Mark and I are praying for you to have that baby soon, and with ease!!:-)