Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Red White and Nude

Here is Sofia hanging outside in the nude today on this lovely and hot day. Around 4:00 everyday, I hit a wall where I can't think of any more creative ways to entertain or interact with my child before Chris comes home, so today I took her clothes off so she could get wet with the hose and help me wash the car. Wouldn't it be great being a kid?
Life is good right now. I love hanging out with Sofia during the day and then we always go on a family walk every night after dinner. The end of my pregnancy is going well. This pregnancy I have had an especially sensitive sense of smell to both good and bad smells. Things that smell good to me right now include: wet cement, murphy's oil, lysol, our dish soap,costco tire center, and the smell of clean clothes when you are transferring them from the washer to the dryer (don't worry.. I am not at home inhaling cleaners.. I promise). I know this all sounds strange, but at this emotional stage in my pregnancy.. nothing is too strange coming from me. Did anybody else have wierd cravings or sensitivity to smell? That is my random report for the day.


Abby said...

gosh she's so cute:-) i hit a terrible wall around 3 everyday...just waiting for denny to come home from work. from 3-5 is just terrible. maybe us moms all need to get together during that time and drink wine (if we're not preggo) while our kids entertain eachother...what do you think?

The Macdonald family said...

Kara, if you want to take off your clothes and run through the sprinkler too, then you go right ahead! Every time I see a frebreeze commercial I'm going to think of you.

juliette said...

Oh, yes. That moment arrives at our house anywhere from 2 to 4, depending on nap duration. Abby, I like the way you think!
We need a list of things to do at 3:00 (besides drinking)when we're out of ideas and energy. Please work on it, anybody.
I did have a heightened sense of smell when preggers and it definitely was either love or hate. Sometimes it was hate of otherwise wonderful smells or love of some disgusting smells, like I knew it was gross but I couldn't stop sniffing. I always thought I should go out and buy some laundry starch because even though I'm not sure what it tastes or smells like, it is always mentioned as a weird preg. craving, on the list with dirt, which never appealed to me due to the texture. Sorry this is such a lengthy comment, Kara, but I wanted to address the various themes of your entry.

The Macdonald family said...

We don't try to outdo anyone, we're just losers who waste too much time online! If you go to they have a ton of free layouts to put on your blog. It's real easy. And I just photoshoped the header with our name. I'm sure your hubby could wip you up something wonderful.

Chris said...

Dude. Although I love my wife immensley, I cannot bring myself to use my mad photoshop skills to update her mom-blog!

Tonya said...

I'm still cracking up over your title--that is hilarious!!!