Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cry Me a River

I have to say that door to door salesman drive me absolutely crazy. Sorry if someone does this for a living. If you are interested, I would love to help you find new employment. Within the last few months, we have had a few Magazine salesmen come door to door, and this is how you know who they are. They are usually in their early twenties and seem like they are on something. They start off by telling you that they are trying to better themselves and make new goals, so they are going around to practice their public speaking. They are over the top and can't mention enough how cute your kid is. It usually takes them 5 minutes of trying to sell their inspirational story before they even mention that they are selling magazine subscriptions. This time I caught on instantly and immediately told the guy that I didn't want a magazine subscription. He told me a sob story about how he is just a young person trying to better his situation and make something of himself so that he can go on to sell cars eventually. He then had the nerve to say, "This is not about magazines, this is about helping someone trying to be better. Is that not something you are interested in?" I am usually too nice in situations like this sometimes, but this time I was very blunt and told him I was absolutely not interested (In the words of my good friend Justin Timberlake..."Cry Me a River." Not surprisingly, this once over the top nice salesman said "thanks" in a ticked off voice and left. I actually feel really sorry for people who do this for a living, but I just can't handle the manipulation and mind games stuff. Chris actually did telemarketing for a good 1 month in college before he broke down and couldn't handle it anymore.. and that leads me to my question of the day. How do you handle telemarketers and salesman? I am getting much better as time goes on at saying I am not interested.. and with telemarketers, I usually hang up as soon as they start talking. Why waste their time? What do the rest of you do? Have any of you been suckered into buying anything from one of these guys?


Cami said...

I am proud to say that I have never been suckered into buying anything. I too get so tired of door to door salesman and telemarketers. They usually call or knock around dinnertime, annoying. I say the same thing as you, "I'm not intersted."

The Growing Hennans said...

I must admit, I have been suckered for the magazine thing - the first time they came. Not any more. But at least it was a magazine I was planning on subscribing to anyway and it was about the same price. However, it scared me a bit because the magazine didn't come for like 4 months and of course I never got the guy's name or information. I was convinced I got ripped off, but it did show up eventually.

Because I work in a place that relies on telemarketing, I have to have a little respect/patience for the entry-level workers who have to do it. I try to be polite and ask them to remove me from lists. If they persist, then sometimes I get a little grouchy, but for the most part, they don't want to be talking to you either, especially if you aren't the slightest bit interested. Knock on wood, I haven’t gotten many solicitation since switching my primary phone to be a cell phone over 4 years ago….

I'm so excited that your due date is so close! You are going to have so much fun watching Sofia and the new baby interact! Benjamin is 6.5 months old now and it is the most fun it has ever been!

The Macdonald family said...

Kara! I'm very heated about this. The same magazine guys came to my house last week. I debated answering the door cause I couldn't see who it was, but reluctantly did. It was this young guy dressed like he came off a P Diddy video. I truely thought the whole time I was going to be robbed. Plus this kid had his hands in his baggy pant pockets the whole time and kept figiting. I totally thought he would attack me. Anyway, after 20 minutes of the "sob story" he started asking all these random questions that made no sense.Had my house been tagged?? Have any girls stopped by in the last year?? I told him I was totally confused and he said "wait here look at this" and he started to pull his hand out of his pocket. I thought I was a gonner and closed the door all but an inch. Then he pulled out the dang magazine list! I totally lied my butt off and told him I ordered 4 already to avoid more guilt trip stories, and shut the door. I HATE WHEN THESE PEOPLE COME BY! (But I am glad I wasn't stolen.)

EmmaJ said...

I always say, "I am not interested and please take me off your list. Thank you!" and then hang up. If they call on a Sunday (which really ticks me off) I say that I don't conduct business on Sundays and will not talk to them... and then hang up. I never let them get a word in. I don't like being rude, but... I will take the surveys that call though, I like getting asked my opinion!