Monday, October 22, 2007

We've Been Slimed

Since I live by OSU surrounded by scientists, I thought that I would throw out a question. What is the deal with slugs? They are mysterious little buggers. Somehow they get into our house every night and leave their nasty slimy trail (see picture for example please). How they get in? I don't know. How they get out? I don't know. All I know is that many times we wake up to the slimy trail in numerous locations: toys, ceiling, sofas, carseats. They are merciless suckers.. they slime everything they can. I am not much of a killer, but I might have to start salting these little creatures. Any insight on slugs would be appreciated.


The Growing Hennans said...

Wed don't really get them in our house, THANKFULLY, except every once in a while they appear in our bathtub. Could they possibly come through the facet or drain? Eww!

We also have a whole heard of them on our front porch. They go through cat food so quickly and leave their nasty slime everywhere. (Is there a good slime remover out there?) My cat won't eat it if it gets slimed, so I have to put a salt ring around the dish. Seems to work until the bowl gets moved a little too close to another object and then they climb up the other object and skip over to the bowl, avoiding the salt. Occasionally, one doesn't make it and you have a slug puddle. Quite gross. Anyway, if you get some good solutions, make sure you share! :o)

Anita said...

those pictures make me really miss you guys:-( i am so sad that i am missing out on my nieces and nephews growing up years!! sofia was so funny when i came to visit, I miss that girl! luv ya and miss ya, nita

The Macdonald family said...

Hey Kara
Jaime's website works for me. What makes it look funny??

E said...

Slugs like to live in cold damp places during the day. At our place they spent days stuck to our foundation just below the soil line. They never came in the house but would munch my flowers. Try using slug bait. I would recommend the non-toxic stuff that has iron. Sprinkle outside (I doubt they live in your home but probably just come in at night) right at your foundation and hopefully they will go for the bait rather than whatever is atracting them to your furniture. Yeast attracts them as well so a small container of water/juice with some added yeast (or beer) will attract. However, this method just drowns them so you have to deal with dead slugs. The iron slowly kills them and they return to their hiding places to die. Hope this helps!